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10 Benefits you get from adding Newsletters to your networks

If you’re involved with an Odysen network and don’t yet have a newsletter created for it, here’s 10 benefits you can get from doing so:

  • 1. Set it up once and you’re done.  Once created, it will keep on checking your network for new content however frequently you’ve scheduled it for.
  • 2. Have different schedules for different networks, according to how active you’d like to be with them.  This can help prevent content or information overload, you decide or gauge how frequently you’d like to engage with it.  If no new content has been added or shared with you, no newsletter will be sent, no need to fill up your mail with valueless updates.
  • 3. Schedule newsletters for work networks on a daily basis.  This will keep you regularly informed of new content or comments, but not sending you updates every hour, interrupting your other activities.
  • 4. Schedule newsletters for personal networks on a weekly basis, such as for a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, when you have more time for any of your personal or group networks.
  • 5. For networks with an association or group that meets less frequently, schedule on a monthly basis, keeping you regularly informed of new content and projects.
  • 6. If having a network or sub-network with an active customer or client, schedule it on an hourly basis, more actively staying informed of new comments or feedback.  Call it proactive customer support.
  • 7. Get updates of any of the essential applications, including new actions, events or notes.
  • 8. Get updates of any new files, such as for audio, documents, images or photos and videos.
  • 9. Get updates of any new Internet content, such as websites or news sources.
  • 10. Add newsletters to all your networks from your account, making it easy to create and manage from a centralized place.

A helpful feature to help stay informed with what’s happening.  Go here to learn more, including steps for creating a newsletter, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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