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Adding a theme to your network

To help you personalize your networks for the different activities and projects you’re involved with, you can now add a simple theme to your network.

This is the beginning of new features to come regarding themes, with the first step being able to add a simple photo to the background of your network.  Here’s a review of ways to use and instructions for doing so.

Have a different theme for each folder

This is important as while a network in general will be coming from a certain perspective, each folder within the network can vary widely, depending on the specific project or activity that you’re involved with.  Some examples:

  • Personal: Have different themes with folders for events, celebrations, hobbies or vacations.
  • Groups: Add themes to different folders for projects, events and other activities.
  • Freelancers: Along with having separate networks for your different clients, you can add a theme with the projects you’re working on.  While this may seem overdoing it for some people, for others it could be a welcome personalized touch.  Either way it’s up to you, leave it as a blank canvas or add something more.
  • Businesses: Add a theme for different projects and activities if appropriate.

Instructions for adding a theme

This can be done in a few simple steps:

  • 1. Select the folder you’d like to add a theme to.
  • 2. Click Edit in the folder summary.
  • 3. Select an image from your network and click save.

Here’s a screenshot of doing so and the results:

How to add a theme to your network.

Once done, you’ll see the image in the background for much of the layout, only leaving the space for your application content as normal.

Enjoy the new feature, this is available for both Basic and Premium plan subscribers.

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