Small business trends: New Areas, outsourcing and less red tape

While much of the economy can be relatively doom and gloom, here’s a few areas where small businesses are adapting and growing in their environments:

  • Poland emerging as major European outsourcing hub, Phys Org: How business in cities such as Krakow, Gdansk, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Lodz are growing from different types outsourcing, such as for graphic designers, accounting services, software research and more.
  • To Continue Growing, Quit The Big Job, Forbes: How some people are finding moving to a smaller business can help to grow faster, including for the range of activities, different ways to solve them without traditional resources as well as the obvious factor of it being much easier to double, triple and more starting from a much smaller starting point.


Here’s a wrap of some of the trends and changes:

  • New economies: From what you could call a relatively healthy infrastructure and quality lifestyle, areas such as Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia are continuing to have record growth rates.
  • Outsourcing:  For activities that you don’t have the expertise in or time for, many of these can be done by freelancers, increasingly accessible for different types of work and locations.
  • Less red tape: This includes doing what’s needed to help small businesses move forward, including less obstacles for new businesses, peer to peer financing and advances for gender equality.

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