Using a News Reader to get closer to your customers

Here’s 10 ways that you can use the Odysen news reader to get closer to your customers.  This could be from adding blogs or using the keyword search.  Either way, once you’ve added them to your list you’re done, can check on them daily, weekly and sharing with others as appropriate.

Adding blogs

This can be done by copying and pasting their RSS URL into the news reader.

  • If your customer has a blog, add their blog at a minimum to stay informed of activities most important for them.
  • Add relevant industry blogs, staying informed of the bigger picture.
  • Add blogs of specific competitors, seeing how others are supporting the same market you’re addressing.
  • Include blogs of potential customers, trying to better understand how to be a better fit for them.
  • Add blogs for different locations that you support, keeping aware of seasonal and other local changes.

Adding a keyword search

Type in a keyword into the news search for articles from multiple sources, some examples:

  • Add the customer name, getting news articles discussing the customer, especially relevant for larger customers.
  • Add the name of the industry that you’re involved with.
  • Add the name of the industry that you’re customers are involved with, getting updates from trends your customers are concerned with.
  • Add the name of specific competitors, getting updates or information about how they’re servicing the same customer base that you’re supporting.
  • Add the name of any technologies or products you’re producing or supporting, staying informed of changes that you could integrate for your customers.

While you can pay attention to what they’re doing on different social networks, as those can often be a regurgitation of actual blogs or other news articles, going directly to the source can be a better way of staying informed.

News Reader

Adding complimentary or spinoff content

Besides staying informed of any changes, with the other applications you can do things to act on them.   Some examples of this include:

  • Add a specific link to the article into the websites application.
  • Inform others of the new information by sending them an email notification of the news source or article.
  • If something is needed to be done, add an action with the appropriate priority, owner and due date.
  • If the article is referencing a research report or PDF, upload the file into documents for easy reference at a later time.
  • If the article mentions an upcoming event or conference, include the dates in events.
  • If the article is summarizing some variables especially applicable to you, include them in a note, using as a brainstorming checklist.

Go here to learn more about using the news reader or for using with a business or freelancing environment.

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