Have a network with others in the Americas

Do you travel or talk with people regularly in different parts of the Americas?  For lots of reasons, this can be increasingly common part of ones connections, such as:


  • Family: If you’ve moved from the south to the north or the north to the south, you’re staying in touch with family members, whether on a daily, weekly, monthly or other time frame.
  • Friends: Similar to family, if having moved and staying connected with different activities and interests.
  • Hobbies: This can be on your vacations and traveling to different areas more appropriate for your hobby.


  • Associations: If your association has members in different areas.
  • Education: For different learning, workshops or research activities.
  • Organizations: For organizations with concerns or members throughout the Americas, such as for any environmental interests.


  • Consultants: Working with different clients interested in working with other areas in the Americas more.
  • IT Support: Helping small businesses or others from different locations with their systems, website and other support.
  • Photographers: No shortage of photo opportunities from anywhere in Canada, different parts of the US, islands and beaches in the Caribbean, mountains, rainforests, glaciers, historical sites and more throughout Central and South America.
  • Researchers: For further education in a variety of areas, whether for the environment, cultural or technology transfer.
  • Travel Planners: Helping others on their journeys for vacation or work.
  • Translators: Helping others with translations between English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and the hundreds of indigenous languages spoken.
  • Writers: For writing about the areas for travel, events or trends happening.


  • Distributors: Working with different suppliers and customers with their preferred language.
  • Sales: Having networks with specific customers and distributors in different locations.
  • Small Businesses: Connecting with other suppliers or distributors from different parts of the Americas.
  • Startups: Working with others in different areas that have specific skill sets.
  • Telecommuting: An increasingly popular way to both live and work in your preferred environments.

Connecting with others

With using an Odysen solution, you can have a network just for your activities and use in the language of your preference.  Some of the highlights include:

  • Have a network just for you and your group, create multiple networks if appropriate.
  • Share content in your preferred language with +20 available.
  • Organize projects and activities with intuitive folders, create sub-folders to expand the project.
  • Within folders are applications to share content with, including actions for a project, notes, events, websites, a news reader and more.
  • You can get started for free with the Basic plan.  More active users can upgrade to Premium for extra features and storage options.

Languages available

To share content in your preferred language, you can use the following:

  • English: Useful throughout the US, Canada and as a common secondary language.
  • Spanish: For people in Latin America, areas of the US and Canada.
  • French: For users in Quebec, New Orleans, areas of the Caribbean and French Guiana.
  • Portuguese: For Brazil and others preferring Portuguese.
  • Dutch: For areas in the Caribbean such as Aruba, Bonaire, Saba, Curacao, Sint Eustatius or Sint Maarten as well as Suriname.

Learn more about having your own network for working with others in the Americas, including for North, Central, South America and the Caribbean.

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Founder and CEO of Odysen, involved with different writing and music freelancing activities, and have previously worked for larger technology businesses in the US, Europe and Asia.