20 of the most popular types of Groups

Looking to get out and connect with a few others?  This can happen anytime you feel stuck in rut, have something you’ve created and looking for groups to share it with or when moving to new location and don’t know anyone yet.

If you find yourself in such a spot, here’s 20 of the more popular types of groups to join, most of which you’ll be able to find in your area:

  • 1. Charitable or volunteer organizations.
  • 2. Professional or trade associations for your occupation.
  • 3. Sports or recreation leagues for yourself or your kids.
  • 4. Getting involved with an environmental group or activity.
  • 5. Join a hobby group or club.
  • 6. Being active with performance or arts groups, such as open mics for music or stand up comedy, painting, or home brewing.
  • 7. Finding an appropriate travel club.
  • 8. If living abroad, find a group that gets together with other expats on weekly or monthly basis.
  • 9. Joining an appropriate church group or spiritual organization.
  • 10. Browse through your local Meetups or other local services to find an appropriate group.
  • 11. Take a class or workshop to learn more about something you’re interested in.
  • 12. Joining a literary, discussion or study group such as a book club.
  • 13. Find an appropriate league to help unwind every once in a while, such as for a sport including softball, hockey and others, or more casual with a pool or dart league.
  • 14. A community group or neighborhood association.
  • 15. Become a regular at a local pub, or an irregular at many, the groups can change every night.
  • 16. Finding an appropriate ethnic or cultural group.
  • 17. A support group for people with a particular illness or personal situation.
  • 18. Find one about a particular product or brand that shares your perspectives.
  • 19. Going back to school for a degree or advanced degree, offline or online.
  • 20. Create something new.   If you’re even thinking about it, others are likewise and just needs someone to take the first step, help organize it a bit.  This can be something more formal or less so, such as picking a pub along with the day and time for an initial get together.

Yeah, while no doubt there are times when solitude can be a good thing, such as when creating something or working on a new idea, there’s also times for sharing or discussing what’s happening with others.  Sometimes this can end up not working out, others acting as stepping stones to something more and others that you end up being a part of for a much longer time period.

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