Having a network in Australia, New Zealand and Islands in the South Pacific

If living and working in Australia, New Zealand or surrounding areas, here’s how you can use an Odysen network to stay connected with others you’re involved with.  This includes using in your preferred language and adapting it for different types of groups.  Here’s a brief walk-through of each.

Languages Available

While English can be used in most areas, you can also share in other languages as appropriate:

  • Australia: Have networks in English, Chinese, Italian, Greek and Vietnamese and Hindi.
  • Fiji: Use in English and others.
  • French Polynesia: Share content in French, English or Chinese.
  • New Caledonia: Use in French or English.
  • New Zealand: Have networks in English, French, Hindi and Chinese.
  • Papua New Guinea: Use in English and others as preferred.


Have networks for different groups, create folders for projects or activities and share content with the applications.  Here’s some examples for using with personal, groups, freelancing and business environments.


A few ways to use a network with personal environments:Have a network for personal environments.

  • Have networks with friends from different places, share photos, schedule events or share favorite websites and blogs.
  • Plan a more extended trip, such as to Queenstown, the Great Barrier Reef, landscape diversity in New Caledonia, visit Tahiti and hundreds of other islands in French Polynesia, see Taveuni Island in Fiji or make plans to visit historical sites in Papua New Guinea.
  • Have a network for a hobby, sharing with others interested, whether in Australia, New Zealand or other places.


Have a network just for your group:Have a network for your group.

  • Organizations can use for centralizing content from different cities or places that members are from.  Use one network to share with everyone or have sub-networks for different locations.
  • People involved with an education or research environment can use a network to share content with others interested from the region.  Store content for reference or backup as well as sharing new content.
  • If active with a club or league, have a network just for your activities such as scheduling events, posting results or sharing photos and videos.
  • Use with a cultural group, sharing with others that have common perspectives.


Have separate networks for different clients:Have a network with your clients.

  • This could be a network for each country or location, with sub-networks for clients at that location.  Share content with as appropriate, others will only see the networks and folders you’ve shared with them.
  • Have networks with different languages, in case French or other languages are preferred.
  • Share networks with other freelancers, such as when collaborating on a larger project.


Share content with colleagues and have separate networks for working with 3rd parties.Have a network with your small business.

  • Have a network just for your small business and colleagues, sharing useful reference content, notes, projects, different types of files or scheduling events.
  • Create separate networks or sub-networks for working with 3rd parties, such as freelancers helping out for a specific project.
  • For people involved with telecommuting, have a network to help keep others informed of project updates, scheduling conference calls and sharing different types of office documents.

In summary, with an Odysen solution you can have your own networks with others in the South Pacific for a variety of environments.  Go here to learn more or get started with the free Basic plan.

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