Simplifying adding users to your networks

Now when you’d like to add others to you network, we’ve added a few new features to help you do so.

This includes adding from the All folder, importing users from other networks and sending a welcome email once added.  Below is a short review of each:

Adding from the All Folder

Before, when adding new users to the network from the All folder you were given the option to add them as an Editor or a Reader, as the All folder is similar to any other folder where different users have different permissions.  While this may be nice and everything, for new users starting out with a network it made it a little confusing, making it harder to get things going.How to add other users to your network.

The fix is simply integrating all the contacts in the all folder into one view under the label Contacts, with the link Add to Network for adding a new user.  The appropriate permissions can later be set but aren’t needed from the initial step.

Importing a user from another network

Once you click Add to Network, you’ll see a window to either add the user by their email address or to add them from another Odysen network you’re connected with.   If you click this option, the users name, email, time zone and language will also be imported.   This makes it easier to create new networks with users from your existing networks, helpful for a new project, trip or other activity where you’d like a network specifically dedicated for that topic.

Sending a welcome email

The last step of adding a user to your network is sending them a quick email notification.  While a default subject and email content is added, you can change to anything you feel is appropriate, click Send and you’re done.  Recipients will be able to click a link from their email and register with creating a password.  Once logged in, they’ll be able to access any folders and content you’ve shared with them, add comments for feedback or adding other relevant application content.

Hopefully you’ll find the new process helpful, let us know in Support if you have any questions or need help getting started.

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