Have a network with others in the Baltics

For people living in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, you can now use an Odysen solution in your native language.

This can be for having your own networks for personal, groups, freelancers and small businesses.  The last of which has been growing faster than ever in recent times, a few articles of the changes:

  • Will Latvia join the Euro?, CS Monitor: While Italy and others are discussing leaving, Latvia is looking to join, as early as 2014.

Lots of activity and growth, including with new technologies, startups, transportation, tourism and other areas.

For using an Odysen network in the Baltics, while you can use any of the languages available, here’s an overview of the ones most relevant for each:

  • Estonia: Use in Estonian, Finnish, Russian, Latvian and Swedish.
  • Latvia: Share content Latvian, Russian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Finnish and Swedish.
  • Lithuania: Have networks with others in Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.

Get started with the free Basic plan, including options to have multiple networks and use any of the applications.   Upgrade to Premium for extra features and storage options.

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