More theme options, add page background colors and a folder icon

In addition to being able to add a photo as a background image, you can now change the background color or add a photo as a folder icon, placed in the folder summary.  Both can help to personalize your network for the specific group you’re working with, here’s an overview for doing so.

To start with, click the Edit button for the folder you’d like to customize.  From there you can edit the theme by adding an image to the page background as well as the two new Features of adding and editing folders in your network.options as reviewed below:

Adding Page Background Color

This will add a color to the background of your network for the folder you’re viewing, similar how it works with images but with one general color instead.

You have 70 colors to choose from, simply click on the color, click Save and you’re done.

To help with the styling, certain parts of the background color will be shown in different transparencies.

Adding a Folder Icon

You can add a scaled image or photo to your folder summary for a more subtle personalization, versus using for the entire background.  To do this, simply select the folder and image from your network, click Save and you’re done.

Enjoy the new features and feel free to use Support from your network if you need help getting started or changing your theme.

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