A networking solution for International groups

If you have a group that works with others in locations outside of your country, there’s a good chance that they’ll prefer to communicate in a different language than yours.  Some examples for different types of groups:

  • Associations: Keeping members informed of changes and having a place for reference content.  Others can use and access in their preferred language.
  • Clubs: For international clubs, such as for working with others on a hobby you enjoy.
  • Education: Have a network with others in different locations where you share a common interest, use in your preferred or a common secondary language.
  • Leagues: Helpful for leagues that travel, such as a recreational sports league and connecting with others for schedules and events.
  • Organizations: Share activities with others on a network in a wide range of locations and organize a project using a preferred language.
  • Volunteers: Invite others to your network for free, helpful for sharing reference content or organizing a project.

While for some groups everyone is fine with the language you’re comfortable with, others it may overall be better to use a different language, either what they prefer or a common secondary language.  With Odysen you can now do so using 34 languages, here’s a summary of what’s available for different locations.


  • Canada: Use in French with groups in Quebec.
  • Mexico: Use in Spanish or English.
  • US: Besides English, use in Spanish, Chinese, French, Vietnamese, Portuguese, German, Korean and others as appropriate.
  • Caribbean: Share content in Spanish, English, Dutch, Portuguese and French.
  • South America: Have networks in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Dutch.

Europe, Middle East and Africa

  • Middle East: Use in English, Turkish, Hindi and others.
  • Africa: Share networks in French, Portuguese, German, Hindi and others.

Asia and the Pacific

  • Japan: Have networks in Japanese.
  • China: Use in Chinese Simplified and Traditional.
  • Hong Kong and Macau: Share in Cantonese, English and Portuguese.
  • Taiwan: Use in Chinese Traditional and Japanese.
  • Pacific: Have networks in English, French, Indonesian and others.

Once a network is created, you can add others as appropriate just for your group, create folders for different projects or topics and add content to the applications, some examples include:


  • Actions: Use to organize a project with others in your group.
  • Contacts: Share additional contact information if needed.
  • Events: Schedule weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual events, include an alert for extra preparation.
  • Notes: Jot down an idea, share a meeting summary, add instructions or directions.


  • Audio: Share any relevant audio or music recordings.
  • Documents: Store files for reference, such as PDFs, presentations, word documents and spreadsheets.
  • Images: Share photos of events and trips with others in your group.
  • Videos: Upload and watch videos you’ve taken.


  • News: Add relevant blogs or a news search for your group.
  • Websites: Share useful websites for reference.


  • Comments: Others in your group can add feedback to your content.
  • Email Notifications: Let people know of new content with a simple email notification.

Stay Informed

  • Newsletters: Add newsletters with different frequencies to automatically get an email summary of new content, schedule it to inform you on a specific day of the week or month.
  • Updates: See the most recent content added across your network or search across your network for something specific.

Get started for free with the Basic plan, including the option to create networks, share content with others and initial storage for your files.

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