New languages available for Eastern Europe

I’m happy to announce there are now a number of new languages available for locations throughout Eastern Europe.   This can be helpful for sharing content with others such as:

  • Personal: Have your own private networks with friends and family, share photos, favorite websites and blogs, schedule events and more.  Have multiple networks if needed, such as one just for family members and others for different groups of friends.
  • Groups: Have a network just for the group or organization your involved with.
  • Freelancers: Create separate networks for the different clients you’re working with, keeping content focused just for them.
  • Businesses: Have a network with colleagues for sharing content about a project, schedule meetings or conference calls, store useful files, documents, PDFs, presentations, spreadsheets, graphics and share relevant websites and blogs in a centralized place.

Languages available

And here are the new languages you can select from:

  • Hungarian: Besides Hungary, use in Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia and Austria.
  • Turkish: Have networks with others in Turkey, Cyprus, Kosovo, Macedonia and Romania.

Where you can change your language

You can set your language both for your account and the different languages you’re involved with.

  • For your account: For organizing your networks, manage your subscription and any Odysen support emails.   You can change your language in the Profile section of your account.
  • For your networks: Even though you set your account in one language, you have your networks in other languages.  This can be helpful to better adapt with the group you’re with.  Such as if you prefer Romanian, you can have your account and other appropriate networks in Romanian.  For networks with others that prefer another language, such as Hungarian or Ukrainian, you can set your language for the same, helping to keep the flow of the content you’re working with.

Get started with the free Basic subscription, including the ability to create networks and have initial storage for your different files.  If you have any questions, need help getting started, have a translation suggestion or would like to suggest a new feature, you can let us know in Support, available from your account or networks.

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