Looking for a new News Reader?

In case you haven’t heard, a mainstream news reader tool is getting the boot.

While for some people a news reader isn’t that important, for others it can be a different story, a few reasons why:

  • Efficient: Allows you to view a summary of new content or information from a large quantity of sources.  This gives you a snapshot view of the other perspectives you’re interested in.
  • Adaptable: Can access from just about any format, whether from your computer, laptop or phone.
  • Relevant: It’s a tool for the Internet to quickly see updates of the newest information available.
  • Quality:  This is getting updates directly from independent blogs you’re interested in.  With that, blogs are usually written by people that have a relative expertise of the subject they’re talking about.

Using an Odysen news reader, you get a few added benefits:

  • Organize by subject, add different Using a news reader with your network.news sources to specific folders you’ve created, such as for a topic or project.
  • See integrated views in respective parent folders.
  • Can add new blogs or RSS URLs by simply copying and pasting the URL.
  • Can use the news search by adding in a keyword, showing results from multiple sources.  This can be helpful to see news articles about a specific location, hobby, market, product or business type.
  • Can share your news sources with others in your network, helping to have relevant news updates in a centralized place.
  • Can add complimentary content as appropriate.  This is made easy with using other applications in the same folder as your news sources.  Some examples include adding actions for something to further look into, events for new conferences or festivals you learn about, a note of brainstorming ideas from something you read, a new website and other content as appropriate.  Together this gives you a few extensions for building on the new information.

While one service may cancel their news reader for other priorities relevant for them, as a user there’s still tremendous value from such a tool, as evidenced by the millions of users from the many different providers available.

Some examples of using an Odysen news reader in different types of environments:

  • Personal: Share favorite blogs with friends and family, add blogs or a news search of hobbies you’re interested in.
  • Groups: Add blogs and news searches relevant for your associations, organization, clubs, leagues or education groups.
  • Freelancers: Add blogs of other freelancers in your niche or of specific types of customers that you’re working with.  Helping to stay informed of what’s important and happening with them.  Add a news search for your specific niche and location.
  • Businesses: Add blogs for your industry, customers, competitors and technology or suppliers that you use.  Add a news search for specific products such as including a product number or add a keyword of your own business or market.

Learn more about using a news reader with your network or go here to get started with the free Basic plan.

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