Entrepreneur, freelancing updates in the Caribbean, Central and South America

For anyone interested in what’s happening in this part of the world for people starting something new or freelancing, here’s a few updates and stats to give you a general idea.

In the news

Including better work environments for freelancers, incentives for tech startups and contests/programs for community or local ideas.

Freelancing stats

Here is some reference data from Elance, the quantity of freelancers registered with them for the respective country.  Keep in the mind that while the overall numbers are relatively small, at least compared to the population or other larger scale, it only represents stats from one source, with the actual number potentially being much larger.


Here are the highest ones, there’s many more in the +30 different islands if looking for somewhere specific.

  • Dominican Republic: 1,855
  • Puerto Rico: 1,513
  • Total: 3,368

Mexico and Central America

You can do a search for other locations, such as Belize, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.

  • Mexico: 8,111
  • Costa Rica: 1,452
  • Guatemala: 1,140
  • Panama: 615
  • Total: 11,318

South America

Surprisingly or not, Brazil is not the highest in South America.

  • Argentina: 8,832
  • Brazil: 8,276
  • Colombia: 4,186
  • Peru: 1,954
  • Chile: 1,886
  • Venezuela: 1,721
  • Uruguay: 1,612
  • Ecuador: 1,092
  • Bolivia: 794
  • Total: 30,353

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