Have networks with others in Africa

Live and work in Africa and looking for a network solution to share content with others?  If so, here’s a few of the benefits you get with an Odysen solution.

Locations and Languages

Some of the languages available for different locations, click on the country link for information about other languages available and using with different types of groups:

  • Egypt: English, French, Turkish, Greek
  • Libya: English, French, Italian
  • Morocco: French, Spanish, Portuguese

Use for different types of Groups

Create networks just for you and the groups you’re involved with, some examples:

  • Personal: Have a network just for your friends or family, sharing content such as photos, personal events, sharing favorite websites, blogs and more.
  • Groups: Create a network just for the group your involved with, helpful for associations, organizations, volunteers, clubs and leagues.
  • Freelancers: Have separate networks for different clients, keeping content focused on each network as appropriate.  Import files from one network to another for easy content sharing and others can add comments for feedback.
  • Businesses: Have a network for yourself and colleagues, use to help organize a project or sharing different types of reference content.

Plans Available

Start with the free Basic plan, upgrade for extra features and storage options.

  • Basic: Create multiple networks, share with others, use all the applications and have initial storage for your files, all for free.  Helpful for more occasional users or anyone looking to get more familiar with using an Odysen solution.
  • Upgrade: More active users can upgrade to other plans as appropriate for your activities.

If you need help getting started, have a question or suggestion, you can let us know in support, available from your account or networks.

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