Sharing content with others in Ireland

Here’s an overview for how you can use an Odysen network with others in Ireland, including examples for different types of solutions and the many languages available.


Create separate networks for the different personal groups you’re connected with, whether living in Ireland or having moved elsewhere.

  • Family: Share photos of celebrations and events, use your network to help plan a trip.
  • Friends: Have a network just for your group of friends, whether in Dublin, Cork, Derry or outside of Ireland.
  • Hobbies: Share different types of reference content about your hobby, either for yourself or with others interested.  This could be uploading a new music recording for others to listen to, sharing useful websites and blogs or scheduling upcoming events.
  • Neighbors: If appropriate, have a network just for you and others in your neighborhood, useful to help organize neighborhood or community projects.


Create a network specific for any groups you’re involved with.

  • Associations: Use to store reference content and keeping members informed of changes.
  • Clubs: Schedule weekly or monthly events, share photos with others on your networks.
  • Education: Share your network only with others involved, add different types of reference content, notes of new ideas or plan a trip for further research.
  • Organizations: Use to help keep members informed or organizing a project.


Have one main network for your own activities, create separate sub-networks for different clients you’re involved with.  This can be helpful for easily sharing or importing content from one network to another as well as have content focused just for this or that client.

  • Architects: Store various files or PDFs in Documents, store photos in Images and organize a project with Actions.
  • Artisans: Have a network to store a portfolio of your work, use to help organize Internet activities.
  • Graphic Artists: Upload graphics into Images, others can view a collection in a slideshow and add comments for feedback.
  • IT Systems Support: Have separate networks for different clients, share notes of instructions and directions, useful websites and other content appropriate for your client.
  • Musicians: Upload your music recordings into the Audio application, import to other networks or audiences as appropriate.  Listeners can play the song directly from your network or listen on continuous play if you have a collection.
  • Programmers: Use to help organize a project with a client.
  • Researchers: Store notes of new ideas or outlines, have websites in a centralized place for quick access about this or that subject and share only with others interested in your work.
  • Translators: Other clients can use in their preferred language, with over 30 to select from.  Unfortunately, no Gaelic yet but if we get enough requests for it things can change.
  • Travel Planners: Create a network just for a trip being planned, add folders for the different destinations with relevant content in each.
  • Web Designers: Have a different network for each client and share content as appropriate.  This could be websites and blogs of interest, organizing a project with Actions, adding notes of new ideas and storing photos and graphics in the Images application.
  • Writers: If following in the footsteps or perspectives of Swift, Yeats, Joyce and many, many others, you can have a network to help organize your own work as well as creating separate networks for sharing selected work with others.


Share reference content and organize projects with colleagues using your own network.

  • Project Management: Create folders for separate projects, add sub-folders as the project expands.  Include actions for specific tasks that need to be done, along with the owner, priority, due date and status.
  • Small Businesses: Have a network for everyone involved, share different folders with others as appropriate for their activities.
  • Startups: Use to help organize your many new projects, store reference content and see integrated views.
  • Telecommuting: Share project updates, reference content, schedule events such as a conference call and include and event alert for extra preparation if needed.

Use in your preferred language

Besides English, you can use in a range of others as appropriate for your activities or environment.

  • Most Common Foreign Languages: The most frequently used ones in Ireland as a second language, these include French, Irish, German and Spanish.
  • Education Languages: What students are learning, including Irish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish and Romanian.

Learn more about using an Odysen solution in Ireland or get started with the free Basic plan, able to create your own networks, use the applications and have initial storage for your files.

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