Sharing networks with others around the Mediterranean

Use for common activities in your area and in your preferred language.  Here’s some examples using in personal, groups, freelancing and business environments as well as the languages available for the different countries surrounding the Mediterranean.


Have networks just for your friends and family.

  • Friends: Have networks with friends you’ve met around the Mediterranean.   Use to plan a trip, share photos, relevant websites, blogs and more.
  • Family: Plan vacations, travel and share various seafood recipes.
  • Hobbies: Scuba diving, boating and fishing.


Share content for your groups associated with the Mediterranean.

  • Associations: Centralize content for with different cultural groups.
  • Clubs: For those centered around various water activities.
  • Organizations: For shared concerns regarding the Mediterranean.
  • Volunteers: Organize a project for a water or coastal activity.


Create networks for separate clients, share content as appropriate.

  • Architects: Share similar designs, such as those able to handle similar weather and wear environments or using common building resources.
  • Artisans: For people that create something specific, use a network to share photos of your work with different clients.
  • Consultants: Have one network for centralizing your past projects for reference, create separate networks for clients and import files as appropriate.
  • Event Planners: Use with others having similar holidays and celebrations.
  • Graphic Artists: Share similar graphics used with tweaks as a appropriate, such as for water, ships, islands and horizons.
  • IT Systems Support: Have networks with others using similar Internet connections, ISPs and other system setups.
  • Photographers: Store a master set of photos in your main network, import to other networks as needed.   Others can view a collection in a slideshow and add comments for feedback.
  • Translators: Have networks with different clients, they can use in their preferred language.
  • Web Designers: Share networks with others using similar languages and web designs.
  • Writers: Have one network for your work, past writings, reference content and backups, create separate networks for clients, importing stories and content as appropriate for each.


Organize projects and activities with colleagues or customers.

  • Distributors and Sales: Create one network for internal activities and have separate networks or sub-networks with clients or suppliers.  Share and import files such as presentations, spreadsheet forecasts, word documents, PDFs, graphics and more.
  • Marketing: Use to help organize marketing activities in the region, such as for helping to make a presence with similar events, conferences, local websites and others sources of new customers.
  • Small Businesses: Have one network just for you and your colleagues, have others for larger clients or projects you’re working on.  Organize projects with actions, share relevant files and schedule meetings, reviews and other events.
  • Startups: Helpful to organize the million new things you’re working on, have multiple networks and share with others that are involved, useful to have a centralized place focused on your projects and activities.
  • Telecommuting: Use when traveling around other areas in the Mediterranean.

Using in your preferred language

While we don’t have every single language available for users in the Mediterranean, such as Arabic, there are a number of others to select from, using as appropriate as a common language for your group.

  • Spain: Use in Spanish, French and Portuguese.
  • France: Share content in French.
  • Croatia: Use in English, Italian, German and others.
  • Albania: Use in Italian, Greek and English.
  • Greece: Share content in Greek.
  • Cyprus: Use in Greek or Turkish.
  • Syria: Use in English, French and Turkish.
  • Lebanon: Share content in French, English and Turkish.
  • Israel: Use in English, Romanian, German, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian and more.
  • Egypt: Use in English, French, Turkish and Greek.
  • Libya: Share networks in English, French and Italian.
  • Tunisia: Use in French, Italian and English.
  • Algeria: Use in French and English.
  • Morocco: Share content in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Get started with the free Basic plan, able to create networks, invite others, use the applications and have initial storage for your Audio, Documents, Images and Video files.

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