Recent trends for small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups in India

For people interested or involved with different types of small business activities in India, here’s a few recent trends and updates of what’s been happening:

  • In rural India, solar power is the cheap and easy option, Mother Nature Network: Helping rural businesses and residents get the energy they need, a solar energy installer has already added to 100,000 village homes, proving solar or renewable energy can be an economical solution.

Having a network just for your business in India

If you’re looking for a networking solution to help organize your business activities with colleagues, you can consider using a solution from Odysen, some of the highlights include:

  • Have separate networks for different groups, helpful to have one just for colleagues and others for key customers, partners or suppliers.
  • Share content over useful applications, such as actions to organize a project, scheduling events, storing notes, websites and other content for reference.
  • Use in English, Hindi and over 30 other languages as appropriate for your group.
  • You and other can get started for free with the Basic plan, including using the applications and having initial storage for your files.

Go here to learn more about using an Odysen solution in India, including using the applications, languages available, solution examples and other relevant blog articles.

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