Sharing content with others in Chinese Traditional or Cantonese

One of the languages available with an Odysen network is with the Chinese Traditional character set, used in Taiwan as well as other areas where Cantonese is the preferred the language.  Here’s an overview of using in appropriate locations.

  • Taiwan: Use in Chinese (t), Japanese or Chinese (s) for networks with others in China.


Some of the areas with a significant number of Cantonese speakers:

  • Hong Kong:  Have networks with others for business activities as well as networks for hobbies and other groups you’re involved with.  Have in Chinese Simplified with other networks in mainland China.
  • Macau: Besides using in the main language Cantonese, you can also use in Portuguese if appropriate.
  • Guangdong Province, China: Use in Cantonese with Chinese (t) or in Mandarin using Chinese (s).
  • Canada: Share content with others in Canada speaking Cantonese, approximately 300,000 to 500,000 people that have immigrated over the years form Hong Kong, Taiwan and other areas.
  • Indonesia: Use in Cantonese as well as Indonesian if preferred.
  • Malaysia: Have networks with people in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Subang Jaya.
  • Singapore: While Mandarin is the official language, Cantonese is still spoken by ~15% of the population, one of the main non-Mandarin languages used.
  • Thailand: Share content in Cantonese as well as Thai if needed.
  • UK: For Cantonese speakers from Hong Kong, currently over 300,000 people or 1% of the total overseas Cantonese speakers.
  • US: Use with other Cantonese speakers in the US, such as in Hawaii, San Francisco, New York City and other areas.  Can also use with a growing number of Mandarin speakers using Chinese (s).
  • Vietnam: Use in Cantonese or Vietnamese if preferred.

Learn more about using an Odysen network in Cantonese or with the Chinese Traditional character set, including the locations, an overview of Odysen in Chinese (t) and other relevant blog articles.

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