Top 10 Benefits of using the Actions application for a project

For people involved with projects, the Actions application can be a great tool to kick-start, manage and scale the project with others on your network.  Here are 10 key benefits you get when using the Actions application with your projects:

  • 1. Simple to start a new project: Just add a new folder for the project and name it the same as the project name.  Share the folder with others involved, they can then see any actions, files, comments and other content associated with the project.
  • 2. Including a list: When adding a description to the action, you can include a bullet or number list, helpful for actions that are more elaborate or include a few different aspects.
  • 3. Using the Copy feature: For larger projects with many actions similar to each other but could be done by different owners, such as for different times needed to be present somewhere.The benefits of using Actions with a project.
  • 4. Using the Take feature: For projects with volunteers, add the different actions that need to be done and others can claim ownership by simply highlighting the action and clicking the Take button.  Once clicked, they’ll be shown as the new owner of the action.
  • 5. Sort by Priority: After a list of actions has been added, you can view the list by which ones are the most important by clicking on the column header Priority, sorting the actions from 1 to 10.  This can be useful for when going through a review with others, focusing on what’s the most important first.
  • 6. Viewing My Actions: Click the filter My Actions to only see the actions that are assigned to you.  From there you can additionally sort by priority, due date and status.
  • 7. Expand with Sub-Folders: As your project expands, you can adapt your network by simply adding new sub-folders to the original project folder.  Once added, if there are actions that are more appropriate in one of the new folders, you can use the Move feature to transport the action from one folder to another.  You can share all the new folders with others at one time by simply editing the original folder and checking the option to include with sub-folders.
  • 8. Including complimentary content: Besides actions, you can add content to the other applications also included in the folder.  This could be scheduling events for project reviews, adding notes of new ideas, sharing websites for reference or including different types of files in Documents, Images, Audio and Video.
  • 9. Viewing actions from Sub-Folders: If you’ve added actions to various sub-folders, you can see an integrated view of them from any respective parent folder, all the way up to the All folder seeing all the actions across your network.  There’s a button in your folder summary view that switches between Hide Sub-Folders and Show Sub-Folders to see content as appropriate.
  • 10. Using Email Notifications: Anytime you add a new folder for a project, an action, a change an action or adding a comment, you can let others know with a quick email notification.  Once received, they can click a link to go directly to the item in your network.

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