Having networks with sister cities of India

For people in India that regularly collaborate with their respective sister cities, you can use an Odysen network to help collaborate on projects, share reference content and use in your preferred language.  Here’s an overview for using with sister cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and more.


Have networks with others as appropriate, use in English, German, Russian and Japanese.

  • Berlin and Stuttgart. Germany: Share content with others in German.
  • London, UK: Use in English.
  • Los Angeles and New York City, US: For Bollywood activities and other networks, share photos, videos and more on your own networks.
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia: Have networks with others in Russian.
  • Yokohama, Japan: Use in Japanese if preferred.


Besides English and Hindi, use in other languages appropriate for the sister city.

  • Seoul, South Korea: Available in Korean.
  • Chicago, US: Use in English.
  • London, UK: Share content in English.
  • Sydney, Australia: Have networks in English.
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Use in Malay or Indonesian.
  • Tokyo and Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan: Use in Japanese.
  • Ulan Bator, Mongolia: Have networks in Russian or Mandarin.
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia: Share content in Russian.


Share content about tech startups and other areas.

  • Minsk, Belarus: Use in Russian, Polish or Ukrainian.
  • San Francisco and Cleveland, US: Share content in English.


Use in English, Hindi and Japanese.

  • Brisbane and Ipswich, Australia: Have networks in English.
  • Dubai, UAE: Use in English or Hindi.
  • Miyoshi, Japan: Share content in Japanese.
  • Riverside and San Diego in California and Indianapolis, US: Share networks in English.


Share content with other in English, Russian and Malay.

  • Volgograd, Russia: Have networks in Russian.
  • Denver, Colorado and San Antonio, Texas, US: Use in English.
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Share content in Malay or Indonesian.


Use in English, German, Norwegian and French.

  • San Jose, California and Fairbanks, Alaska, US: Have networks in English.
  • Bremen, Germany: Share content in German.
  • Tromso, Norway: Use in Norwegian.
  • Vacoas Phoenix, Mauritius: Share content in French.


Share content with others in North America.

  • Fremont, California: Have networks in English.
  • Calgary, Canada: Use in English or French.


Have networks in English and French.

  • Brisbane, Australia: Share content in English.
  • Montreal, Canada: Use in French if preferred.


Share content with others in English, Japanese, Russian and Hindi.

  • Manchester, UK: Have networks with others in English.
  • Milwaukee, US: Use in English.
  • Osaka, Japan: Share content in Japanese.
  • Yekaterinburg, Russia: Share networks in Russian.
  • Faisalabad, Pakistan: Use in English or Hindi.

Learn more about having a network with others in India, including using the applications, solution examples and other relevant blog articles.

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