How Freelancers in Bangladesh can have their own networks with clients

For people in Bangladesh involved with freelancing activities, here’s a short overview of how you can use an Odysen solution with your clients.  Below are the overall highlights along with application examples for different types of freelancers.

Overall Highlights

The benefits when using with any type of freelancing environment:

  • Create separate networks for different clients, keeping content focused for each.
  • Organize content and project with intuitive folders, scale a project by simply adding sub-folders.
  • Use practical applications, helpful for managing projects and sharing reference content.  With files you can import from one network to another, helpful for sharing general files with multiple clients.
  • Use in different languages, while no Bengali available, you and your clients can use in English, Hindi and over 30 others.
  • Get started for free with the Basic plan, able to create networks, share with others, use the applications and initial storage for your files.

And some application examples for different types of freelancers:

IT and Programming

Use to share actions, notes and websites with your clients.

  • Organize a project with actions, including the priority, due date and owner.  See actions in a specific folder or integrated with a respective parent folder.
  • Add instructions or directions to a quick note, allowing others to access whenever needed.
  • Add different websites that your client can use for their systems, keeping the websites centralized in one place for easy access.

Design and Multimedia

Use to upload and share different types of files, once added to one network you can efficiently import to others as needed.

  • Upload graphics to the Images application, others can view a collection in a slideshow and add comments to each as appropriate.
  • Upload and share videos to the Videos application, others can watch directly from your network.
  • Organize a project with Actions.

Writing & Translation

Share content with documents, notes, websites, blogs and use in over 30 different languages.

  • Store and share word document drafts in the Documents application, others can add comments for feedback.
  • Add new ideas or an outline to a note, use bullet or number lists as appropriate.
  • Add useful websites and blogs for reference, helpful to stay informed of changes or have a list of websites bookmarked where your writing is displayed.

Sales & Marketing

Share different types of files and schedule events for meetings or conference calls.

  • Share presentations, spreadsheet forecasts, PDFs and other content in the Documents application. Upload appropriate photos and graphics to Images, others can view a collection in a slideshow.
  • Add relevant websites and blogs for reference, helpful to have in a centralized place.
  • Schedule events for upcoming customer visits or conference calls, add an alert if any extra preparation is needed.

Admin Support

Use to share files, schedule events and organize tasks and projects.

  • Organize different types of files in Documents, share graphics or photos in the Images application.
  • Schedule meetings in the Events application, add repeating events if appropriate and include an event alert for extra preparation.
  • Add actions for miscellaneous tasks or projects that you’re involved with, include the priority, owner, due date and more.

Finance & Management

Share different types of office files, organize projects, schedule meetings and conference calls.

  • Share spreadsheets, word documents, research PDFs and other files in the Documents application, helpful to have in a centralized place for reference.
  • Organize projects with actions, include complimentary content such as notes for outlining something new and websites for external reference.
  • Schedule meetings and conference calls with Events, add events to each folder or project as appropriate and see an integrated view of all your events from the All folder.

Engineering & Manufacturing

Use to help manage projects, planning for trips and sharing miscellaneous office files.

  • Organize projects with actions.  Add a folder for each project, sub-folders to expand the project and see an integrated view of all your actions from the All folder.   Besides actions, within each folder you can add complimentary content for the project, such as notes, websites, office files, events and more.
  • Plan a trip by creating a folder for each destination that you visit, add appropriate websites such as for hotel, airports and other local information.
  • Store miscellaneous office files in a central place, whether for spreadsheets, presentations or other types of files.


Have your files in a centralized place, schedule events and organize projects.

  • Share office files and PDFs in the Documents application.  Others can sort by the most recent version and add comments for feedback.
  • Schedule meetings and appointments in events, include an alert to automatically send you an email reminder in a preset time before the event, helpful for any extra preparation or travel time needed.
  • Organize larger projects or cases with the Actions application, include the priority, owner, due date, status and more.

Learn more about having a network with others in Bangladesh, including using the applications, languages available, solution examples and other relevant blog articles.

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