10 Benefits for Musicians sharing their recordings

For people that like to play their own music and even getting around to recording a few of your tunes (such as with GarageBand), below is an overview of 10 benefits you can get from sharing your recordings using an Odysen solution.

1. Separate networks for different audiences:

Whether this is a few, a dozen or more networks, you can create as many as appropriate for the different groups you’re involved with.  Once created you can invite others for free using the Basic plan and share your different recordings as appropriate for each.  Some may prefer something more professional, others more personal such as about a common location or experience, others are ok with works in progress such as other musicians you occasionally play with.

2. Uploading to Audio:

Store and share your recordings in the Audio application, from which others can listen to directly from your network.

3. Listening on continuous play:

If you have a collection, such as for an album, others can listen to the songs on continuous play while viewing from a slideshow.

4. Sorting options:

This includes sorting by the name, the date uploaded (for the most recent version), the duration of the song (such as 3:05 or 12:23 minutes) and storage used.

5. Importing Songs:

Upload to one network and import to others as appropriate at +10x the speed.  This is from the file already being on one of your networks and no need for being dependent on the local Internet connection speed for sharing the file.

6. Sharing with others:

While others can see new songs you’ve shared from any newsletters they’ve created or their activity monitor, you can also let them know with a simple email notification.  Just highlight the song to send, click Email, confirm the recipients and modify the subject or content if needed.  Once received, others can click a link to go directly to the song in your network, click Play and start listening.

7. Getting feedback:

Anytime someone is listening to one of your songs they can add a comment for feedback, helpful for instant feedback from first impressions.

8. Including chords and lyrics:

You can add any chords, notes and lyrics in description of the Audio file.  This will not be shown in the list view of your songs, only when viewing the details or when listening to the recording.

9. Organizing by folders:

Create folders and sub-folders for separate albums, themes, musicians, genres, music instruments and other categories as appropriate for your musical endeavors.  Easy to organize and can share each folder with different people relevant for the music and content.

10. Complimentary content:

Besides being able to share music recordings with the Audio application, with the same folders you can add content to other applications to compliment your recordings.  This could be a website link to some of your live performances, photos or videos from a show, schedule upcoming events of when you plan to play or add a note of new ideas or a potential play list.

Learn more about how musicians can use a solution from Odysen, including using the applications, more benefits, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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