12 Benefits of having your own networks with others in the UK

Below is an overview of a few ways that people in the UK can benefit from working with an Odysen solution, whether for personal, the groups you’re involved with, freelancing projects or small business activities.


Have networks for your friends, family or hobbies you’re involved with.

  • Separate networks for different relationships: No need to integrate networks of both friends and family, have separate networks for each, include whomever is appropriate. Within your networks you can organize content with intuitive folders and within the folders share content as appropriate, such as your favorite websites, blogs, notes, photos, videos and more.
  • Sharing music recordings: Helpful for any aspiring musicians following the footsteps of other UK musical legends or walking a few steps of their own. You can create separate networks for different audiences, store and share your recordings in the Audio application. Others can listen to a collection on continuous play and add comments for feedback.
  • Using for travel: Use your own networks to help organize any travel you’re planning for. Create different folders for each destination and add content about the place in each for easy later reference. This could be websites of airports, hotels or activities, local blogs to stay informed of current events, schedule departures in events, store photos and see integrated content in respective parent folders. If traveling with a group, create a separate network just for that group and trip.


Create a network just for your club, league or organization, invite whomever is involved and share content as appropriate.

  • Sharing reference content: With having a network just for your group, you can use it to store different types of reference information, helpful for occasional use. This could be other websites and blogs associated with your group, notes of instructions or directions, various PDFs or office files in Documents, scheduling monthly events or sharing photos in Images from past group projects and activities.
  • Use for International collaboration: Helpful for different types of organizations, this includes using in your preferred language or having a network to work with others in their language. Besides English, can use in over 30 other languages available.
  • Schedule weekly events: Have a folder just for the type of event and include content appropriate for it. This could be adding a recurring event such as every Thursday from 7 to 10pm, include relevant websites, add a note for an agenda beforehand or the results afterwards and share photos if from a party or celebration.


Have separate networks for the different clients you work with, keeping content focused for each. This can be done from creating a network with a new sub-domain or adding a sub-network to an existing one.

  • Add folders for different projects: Within each you can expand the project with sub-folders and add actions with their priority, owner and due date. Besides actions, you can add complimentary content such as notes outlining new ideas, websites for reference, share graphics in Images or schedule events for upcoming meetings and conference calls.
  • Import files from other networks: Have one main network for your freelancing activities with other networks for each client. Once created you can import files from your main network to other networks as appropriate in a fraction of the time it takes for uploading, no longer dependent on local Internet speed and bandwidth. This can be helpful for sharing presentations, examples of past work, project templates, a graphic or photo collection and other types of files.
  • Use with International clients: Helpful for freelancers doing translations, consulting, web design and others, use in preferred languages including Bulgarian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.


Create a network to use with colleagues, have sub-networks for key customers and partners.

  • Organize topics and projects with folders: Share each folder with other colleagues as appropriate.¬† This way, when other log into your network, they’ll only see the folders and content you’ve shared with them.
  • Using for backup and reference content: Store miscellaneous office files in Documents, useful websites and other types of content. Keep the folder just for yourself or share it with others involved.
  • Organize customer and business activities by location: Such as working with others in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh or other locations. You can do this by simply creating different folders for each location and appropriate application content in each. You can add sub-folders for specific customers or activities at the location and see integrated views in respective parent folders.

Learn more about having your own networks with others in the UK or get started with the free Basic plan, including the ability to create networks, use the applications and have initial storage for your photos and files.

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