Entrepreneur, small business and freelancing updates in Africa

Here’s a few updates for anyone already working in or interesting in working with others in Africa.  See articles an overviews focused on entrepreneurs, small businesses and freelancing with an overview of the highlights of using an Odysen network with others in Africa.

News and Updates

10% of SA workforce now self-employed, fin24: A recent update from Cape Town, showing the highest level of self-employment since 2009.

Free entrepreneurship training to be held for agribusiness startups, Ghana Business New: For entrepreneurs, farmers, startups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who are into agribusiness, a two day workshop is being provided to go through different aspects of managing an agribusiness.

New Online Tool Connects African Entrepreneurs With Business Experts Across The World, Ventures Africa: For people in Africa looking for mentorship advice, there’s a new online tool available to do so, including discussion forums, questions and answers, tips and other advice for those starting out.

10 African innovation incubators to watch, IT News Africa: See an overview of different technology hubs and centers in Africa, including:

  • The Innovation Hub in South Africa, home to 47 businesses focused on areas including IT, biosciences, green technologies and industrials.
  • The Botswana Innovation Hub for areas including ICT, bio-tech, energy and the environment.
  • AfriLabs for Africa’s technology center from Hive Colab in Kampala, Uganda.
  • BongoHive in Lusaka, Zambia, also home to Bantu Babel, an African language translation application.
  • Co-Creation Hub for new businesses and startups in Nigeria.
  • Ebene Cyber-City, a technology and business focused community within Ebene City, near Port Louis in Mauritius.
  • I-Hub in Kenya, supporting over 10,000 members and 152 companies in Nairobi and other areas.
  • Outbox Hub for technology and software startups in Uganda.
  • Ilab Liberia is a non-profit computer center for tech enthusiasts to share ideas, host events and use the facilities if needed.
  • IceAddis is an Ethiopian university hub, incubator and business accelerator in Addis Ababa.

West Africa clean energy entrepreneurs competition launched, Star Africa: Looking for clean energy project ideas in Ghana to help support local businesses and communities, provided by the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA), a joint initiative between the African Development Bank and the Government of Denmark.

Entrepreneurship for Rural Women, Brought to You by Coca Cola, Huffington Post: Promoting a device to make clean water for about one penny a gallon, introducing to different areas in India and Africa.

Nigeria: Online Job Earnings in Nigeria Increase by 35 Percent, all Africa: A recent update from Elance, with Nigeria being the fastest growing area for freelancers in Africa, currently behind only South Africa and Kenya.  Types of freelancers that are growing include programming, graphic design and writing.

Entrepreneurs Can Now Signup To Own ‘Online Stores’, Konga, Ventures Africa: For small businesses in Nigeria to have an online store for selling their products and services.

The linguistic advantages of freeing your lance, the media online: Giving an entertaining perspective on what it means to be a freelancer from an editor, columnist, proofreader and language practitioner in South Africa.

Summary and Trends

An overview of the articles:

  • Focus on clean energy solutions, tech collaboration and infrastructure building.
  • Freelancing and self-employment growing and changing, including their definitions and meanings.
  • Many new online tools available, whether for discussion boards, online marketplaces or connecting communities.

Using an Odysen network with others in Africa

For your small business or freelancing activities, you can use an Odysen solution to help organize and share your work or content, here’s a few highlights for doing so:

  • Have separate networks for different groups or clients: This can be helpful to keep content focused as appropriate for each, invite only who’s involved, such as a client, a colleague or a member or your group.
  • Organize projects and activities with folders: Intuitive to use, simply create a new folder for any projects to topics that you’d like to share content about.  Add sub-folders to expand an idea and see content integrated in respective parent folders, all the way up to the All folder, seeing content from your entire network.
  • Useful applications: Within folders you can store and share content in the applications, including actions for a project, events for meetings or conference calls, notes for new ideas or outlines, images for photos and graphics, documents for miscellaneous office files, share useful websites and blogs in a centralized place for easy reference.
  • Use in preferred languages: Besides using in English, you can also use in French, Hindi, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Greek and others.  While others such as Afrikaans, Arabic or Swahili aren’t yet available, with additional users, requests or support we’re open to providing those as well.
  • Economical: Anyone can get started for free with the Basic plan, able to create and share your own networks, use the applications and have initial storage for your files.  More active users can upgrade as appropriate.

Learn more about having a network in Africa, including for different locations, application examples, languages available, solution examples and other relevant blog articles.

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