Share networks with visitors traveling to China

For people visiting China for the first time or even the first few times, it can be a bit of an adjustment to initially figure things and not getting too lost in the process.  One way to help visitors more easily adjust is with sharing a network with them, here are a few examples and benefits you get from doing so:

  • Share over your own network.  This could be adding them to one of your existing networks or creating a new network just for them.
  • Create a folder for Travel.  You can name it whatever is appropriate, such the name of the city being Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and others.  Share the folder with them once created.
  • Create sub-folders for logistics.  This could be one folder for the airport, one for hotels, one for restaurants and other places of interest.
  • Add actions for things needed beforehand, such as getting a Visa getting updated or booking the flight.
  • Add a note of specific directions, helpful for more personalized perspectives.
  • Add websites as appropriate, such as for the hotels or other points of reference.
  • Visitors can add comments to any content you’ve added for additional confirmation.
  • Use in your preferred language, including Chinese (s), Chinese (t), English, Japanese, Korean and if visitors are from Europe, have available to use in French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish and others.
  • Share the network with other people the visitor will be seeing and create folders just for them.  This helps to have a central place for uploading and sharing any content beforehand and easily have available when needed.

Additionally, you and others can get started for free with the Basic plan, including the ability to create networks, use the applications and have initial storage for your files.

Learn more about having your own networks in China, including using the applications, languages available, solution examples and other relevant blog articles.

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