Top 10 benefits of sharing photos on your own networks

For people looking for a network to share their photos, here are 10 benefits you get from doing so using an Odysen network!

1. Sharing on your own network: Or multiple networks.  Either way, you know whom you’re sharing your photos with, whether it be a network with friends, family members or other groups that you belong to.  As it’s with your network, others can feel more comfortable for providing feedback with a comment, no worries of having the entire world seeing every conversation about photos from birthday or holiday party.

2. Importing from other networks: Upload once, import to other networks in a fraction of the time it normally takes if dependent on local Internet connections.  You can even import a collection, 10, 20 or 100 at the same time, helpful when sharing photos from a vacation or trip somewhere.

3. See a thumbnail preview: When you first click on the Images application tab, you’ll see your photos in a list view with the name of the photo and a scaled down preview of the photo, helpful to initially scroll through if looking for something specific.

4. Sort by the date uploaded: Useful when viewing photos from multiple folders or the All folder, where some of the photos could have been taken awhile go and you’re looking for ones from more recent activities.

5. Viewing a collection in slideshow: Highlight any photo in your network and click the Slideshow button, this will start the show from the respective photo you clicked on.  From there you can go forward, backward and see previews of a dozen photos going across the bottom of the screen.  Change the order of the slideshow by changing the list view, sorting by the name, date uploaded and other variables.

6. View in full-screen: Get a better view of the photo by viewing it in full-screen, just click the Full Screen button anytime while viewing a single photo or from a slideshow.

7. Adding comments for feedback: While viewing any of your photos others can add a comment.  You can see any new comments made by either viewing your Updates stream or adding a newsletter for the network.  A newsletter will automatically check your network for any new content and send you an email summary of what’s been added.

8. Informing others with email notifications: Let others know of something new with a simple email notification, just click the Email button from a list view or when viewing the photo.  Recipients can click a link to go directly to the photo in your network.

9. Seeing integrated views: Add photos to different folders as appropriate and click on a respective parent folder to see an integrated view of photos from any of the sub-folders.  Click the All folder to see all the photos shared with you on your network.

10. Adding complimentary content: Besides adding photos, you can also include other content in the same folder to compliment the photos.  This could be websites and blogs of destinations you visited, upload and share any videos taken, schedule an upcoming event associated with the activities in the photo, add actions of anything to do next with the photos, such as making into a photo book and so on.  Lots of options to share different content associated with the photos.

Get started for free with the Basic plan, with this you can add your own networks, use the applications and have initial storage for your photos and other files.

Interested for more info?  Go here to learn more about using the Images application, including the features, solution examples, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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