Using a network to organize gift ideas for an event

If planning for an event and you’d like to organize a few gifts for the occasion, here’s how you can do so with your own network.

Adding folders for gift ideas

Organize the different gifts you’re planning on with different folders, helping to keep content focused for each.

  • Main Folder: Have one folder for the overall project, sharing with others that are involved.
  • Sub-Folders: Add a sub-folder for each gift idea.  This could be one for hats, another for shirts, pens, coffee mugs, a deck of cards, bags, jackets and others as appropriate for your group and the event or activity.

Adding application content for details

Once folders are created and shared, you add share relevant content with the applications, having different content in each respective gift idea or folder.  Here’s some examples for using a few of the applications:

  • Notes: Add in the overall of idea of the gift into a note and if the idea includes text, you can include with a short bullet or number list.   This could be a list of phrases to go on a shirt, coffee mug and other gifts.
  • Actions: Add any actions that need to be done, such as finalizing a design and ordering the gifts from different suppliers or picking up from a local supplier.
  • Graphics: Store any graphics or photos to be used in the Images application, such as ones that could be used on a shirt, hat coffee mug or jacket.  Others can view a collection in a slideshow for easy comparison and add comments to each for feedback.
  • Websites: Add websites of different suppliers you’re thinking of using, having in a centralized place for easy reference.
  • Events: Add a few events for either a conference call to update each other on progress or for the actual event.  You can also add an alert for anything needed beforehand, such as for needing to place the orders at least 2-3 weeks beforehand.

After content has been added to the different gift folders, you can also see an integrated view of all your gift idea content in the main folder that you’ve created for the gifts.  Helping to see a summary of all the notes, all the actions to be done, all the graphics being used and so on.

Getting feedback

As content is added and shared on your network, here are a couple ways to stay informed of feedback or other content added.

  • Adding comments: Others can add comments to any content you’ve shared.
  • Staying informed: You can stay informed of new comments or content by either adding a newsletter or checking your Updates stream.  The newsletter will automatically check your network for new content and send you an email summary of the changes.  The Updates stream you can see while logged into any of your networks and is located on the top right of an account or network page.  It will display any content shared with you on any of your networks.

Lots of different ways to share projects and activities with others on your network, learn more with a short tour of what’s included.

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