Places to visit and things to do while in Canada for a few

Thinking of visiting Canada sometime on the horizon?  If so, it’s probably best to make it longer than a weekend, perhaps closer to a few weeks, months or more if you really want to absorb some of the sights and activities.   Here’s a few websites and articles to give you a some ideas to start with:

  • Canada, Place to Go, Official Canada Website: View by region, provinces and cities in Atlantic Canada, Central Canada, the Prairies, Mountains West and Northern Canada.
  • The Top 10 Canadian Attractions, Destination Canada: From specific places to entire regions, see an overview including the what and where, why, how, recommended specifics and additional resource links.
  • Fishing in Canada, Canada’s Official Tourism Website: See an overview for each region, the different charters, lakes and other local fishing information.
  • Top ten places to visit in Canada, Hub Pages: From Prince Edward Island to Lake Louise, Alberta, see an overview of 10 places to see and photos of the local scenery.
  • Places in Canada, A-Z, Lonely Planet: See an alphabetical review of over 100 places in Canada, with reviews of things to do, entertainments, activities, sights and more.
  • How Canada Can Attract More Chinese Travellers, Huffington Post: Pointing out similarities between Australia and Canada, with increased partnerships, group packages and hopefully closer towards cheaper round-trip flight options.
  • Soooo….Why Vancouver, Why Vancouver: See some of the reasons for Vancouver regularly being listed as one of the top ten cities to live in the world and one of the most scenic in North America.  See a review of getting there, accommodations, dining, attractions, getting around and other aspects.

Having your own network to organize trips and activities

If looking for a solution to help manage your plans and visits in Canada, here’s a few benefits you get from doing so with an Odysen solution:

  • Multiple Networks: Have separate networks for the different groups you’re involved with, keeping content focused for each.
  • Use in your preferred language: Use in English, French, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin and others.
  • Sharing photos and videos: Store and share from your trips, others can view a collection in a slideshow and add comments for feedback.
  • No advertising distractions: Have content on your network 100% dedicated to your content and activities.
  • Useful applications: Use actions for a project, schedule events, add trip itineraries to notes, store useful websites or blogs and store miscellaneous office files for backup.

Take a tour to learn more about having your own networks or go here for information when using from Canada.

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