How colleagues can share for the many hats they wear

If you’re working in a small business environment and looking for a solution to easily store and share content with others, one of the aspects it’ll need is to be able to adapt for a variety of environments.  After all, it’s not just one thing you’re specializing in, you’re doing many and being able to efficiently organize them is not only helpful, but often times critical for all the different tasks you’re juggling.

While some types of solutions specialize in this or that specific thing, what you get from Odysen is a solution flexible to adapt for many areas.  We understand things are constantly changing and the best solution is one to change with it, especially so for smaller businesses or freelancers needing to juggle a few more changes from the all the different parts they’re playing.

In summary, you can have separate networks for different groups and projects, use a stone age simple folder system for organizing and sharing information, have useful applications for a variety of content types and finally a pricing plan that is economical as any of your other small business solutions.

To give you a better idea, here’s a brief overview of some of the different roles you can use an Odysen solution for:


Add folders for new projects and separate networks for working with third parties.

  • Project Management: Create a folder for something new and add sub-folders to expand a project.  Within folders you can add actions with their priority, owner and due date as well as complimentary content such as notes of new ideas, spreadsheets, presentations and PDFs in Documents or schedule project reviews in Events.
  • Manufacturing: Have separate networks for the different partners or suppliers you work with, keeping content focused just for them.  Once created, you can import your office and other files from one network to another.

Sales and Marketing

Use for sharing new product information and sharing content with key customers.

  • Marketing: Organize different content used in your marketing campaigns, including graphics, instruction videos, presentations, spreadsheets and PDFs.  Centralize commonly used websites and blogs for reference and add a newsletter to automatically get informed of new comments or feedback.
  • Sales: Have separate networks for different customers, import new product information from other networks you have, organize a new project with actions and schedule meetings or conference calls with events.
  • Distribution: Have separate networks both for suppliers and customers and you can import relevant content between them.  Use to help coordinate customer visits and travel information for visiting suppliers.


Share different types of reference content, schedule one time or recurring events and organize projects for your activities.

  • Finance: Share folders with others as appropriate and schedule monthly events for occasional tasks that need to be done.
  • Human Resources: Have folders for everyone for reference files and websites, share specific folders with others for more sensitive content.

All Areas

For roles that can and often do all of the above.

  • Small Businesses: Organize projects and activities with folders, sharing each of them only with others involved.  When others login, they’ll only see the folders and respective content you’ve shared with them.
  • Startups: Use to centralize your research and reference content and have separate networks for different partners you’re working with.
  • Telecommuting: Have an online network to share projects and content with colleagues in different locations.  While using for work related activities, you can also add a folder for personal and see integrated views of both in respective parent folders.  Helping to more efficiently manage your different roles in your location.

Get started with the free Basic plan, including the ability to create networks, use the applications and have initial storage for your different office files, graphics, photos, audio and videos.

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Founder and CEO of Odysen, involved with different writing and music freelancing activities, and have previously worked for larger technology businesses in the US, Europe and Asia.