How you can stay informed of network content being born

There are generally two ways you can stay informed of what’s happening on your networks, these being Active or Passive.  Where Active is when you’re logged in and Passive is when you’re not.  Below you can see an overview of each and the applications available to use with your networks.

Active: Updates and the Updates Stream

When logged into your account and networks, see new content from a specific network or from others you’re involved with.

  • Updates: When on a specific network, you can check the Updates tab to see the five most recent items from each application, including their title, the date and options to view the details or see the content it its respective folder.
  • Updates Stream: If you have multiple networks, this will show you new content or comments from any of them.  Located on the top right of the page when logged in, will show the quantity of new items and if clicked on will display each piece of content, which network it’s from and the date it was created.

Passive: Email Notifications and Newsletters

Some options to stay informed of changes for users that aren’t regularly logged in.

  • Email Notifications: This is where other users will send you an email notification of new content they’ve added.  Recipients can view certain aspects of the content and have the option to click a link to go directly to the item in your network.
  • Newsletters: You can also add a Newsletter for any networks you’re involved with.  This will check your network for new folders, content or comments shared with you and send you an email summary of the changes.  You can schedule the newsletter to send you updates daily, weekly or monthly, as well as which day and time of the week it’s done.  If there isn’t any new content, the newsletter will not be sent.

Whether active or passive, logged in or not, you can stay informed of new content.  This includes new comments from content you’ve added, notes, events, actions, office files, photos, graphics, audio, video, news reader sources such as a blog as well as websites.  Learn more about staying informed, including from Updates, Email Notifications or Newsletters.

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