For project reviews intended, add events with an agenda

For anyone using their network to help organize projects they’re involved with, occasionally it’s appropriate to have a project review, whether on a weekly, monthly or other appropriate time frame.

When that time comes you can use the Events application to help plan for it, here’s a few of the highlights when doing so:

Add the event to the same folder of the project

This makes it helpful for anyone reviewing the event to also see other relevant content for the project in the same place.  You can see an integrated view of events from respective parent folders or the All folder for all the events in your network.

Use the recurring option if appropriate

When adding the event you can check the recurring option, scheduling the event for every day, weekday, weekly and monthly.  You can schedule for the first Friday of the month, every Thursday or other appropriate schedule for the projects and those involved.  Add how many times that it occurs and you’re done.

Include an agenda in the description

Within the event you can add a bullet or numbered list to include a short agenda or discussion topics, such as:

  • Reviewing actions from last review
  • Going through a presentation or spreadsheet update
  • New issues or concerns
  • Feedback from customers
  • Changes or new solutions from others
  • Plans going forward

You can also change the text or fonts as appropriate, such as the styles or colors to enhance different points or topics.

Informing with an email notification

Let others know of the event with a simple email notification.  By default the description or agenda you’ve added to the event will also be included with the email for easy reference, of which you can of course edit or modify as needed.  Recipients can review the agenda and reply directly to yourself or click a link to see the event in your network.

Reviewing actions by priority

If actions are available with the project, when you and others review them the actions will initially be sorted by their priority, displaying the most important actions first.  You can also sort by the due date, owner and can click on the My Actions filter to only see the actions assigned to you.

Learn more about using the Events application or solutions for project management.

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