Organizing your trips to France, where 80 million people are entranced

The population of France is ~65 million people, yet it receives about 80 million travelers and tourists a year, more than the population itself as well as any other country, including the US, China, Italy, Spain, Canada or the UK.

People visit for many different reasons, a few of the attractions include:

  • Spending time in Paris.  Stay a weekend or weeks without seeing the same thing twice, including the Louvre, Versailles, walk through a cave of bones, see the final resting place of Jim Morrison and taking a rest in any of the thousands of cafés, restaurants or pubs.
  • Trying different wines and champagne, including from Bordeaux, Burgundy and other regions France.
  • Compliment your wine tasting with the many varieties of cheese available.
  • Visit art galleries at the Museum of Fine Arts in Lyon, Lille, Rouen, Dijon, Rennes and Grenoble.
  • Spend an evening with others to see a show at the Moulin Rouge.
  • Breath in some fresh air from the Alpine climate in the French Alps.
  • Get gargantuan views from the Verdon Gorge in Provence, the Grand Canyon of Europe.
  • Visit any of the dozens of national parks, such as the Mercantour national park.
  • Make a visit to Montignac, home of the Lascaux cave paintings.
  • Visit the semi-arid climate of Corsica in the Mediterranean.

Organizing your travel activities

Whether for planning ahead of time or using while there, here’s a few benefits you get when organizing travel plans on your own network.Have your own network for organizing travel to France.

  • Have a network just for travel to France, keeping to yourself or sharing with others going with you.
  • Add folders for different locations or activities and add sub-folders to expand as appropriate.  Add relevant application content to each folder and see integrated views in respective parent folders.
  • Store websites of centralized place, useful for airports, trains, hotels, restaurants to try and places to visit.
  • Add local blogs to the news reader to stay informed of current events, see an integrated view of the most recent article from each.
  • Add notes for an itinerary or summarizing an experience to share with others.
  • Store photos and videos from your trip, see a collection of photos in a slideshow and others can add comments for feedback.
  • Schedule events as appropriate to each destination or folder, see all your events in one view from the All folder.
  • Add actions for things needed to do beforehand or to do while in France.
  • No advertising distractions, keeping focus on what’s important, your content.
  • Automatically stay informed of new content from others or comments added by adding a Newsletter to the network.
  • Option to use in French or other languages as preferred.

Learn more about having a network with others in France, including using the applications, languages available, solution examples and other relevant blog articles.

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