A startup and growth encyclopedia coming from Malaysia and Indonesia

While other areas of the world are going through their own growth stages, areas in Malaysia and Indonesia are a relative boomtown.   Here are a few examples of recent activities:


From startups, telecommuting, freelancing and sustainable farming for tourism.

  • Extreme telecommuting, CNN Money: Stories of web developers and other professions working from practically anywhere, this includes Perhentian Island in Malaysia, mountains in Canada or Alaska, India, traveling through the US, Japan and other places.   Discusses some of the challenges involved, keeping Visa’s updated, working independently and juggling the ongoing personal and professional activities.
  • To Fund a Startup, Go to Malaysia, Business Week: Forget Silicon Valley, Boston, Singapore, Hong Kong or Thailand, this Minnesota based startup found support from the Malaysian government.  Part of a $100M fund for tech startups that’s been going for three years now.


Lots more tech startup activity, specifically for mobile.

Have your own networks to help organize your work

If looking for an online solution to help organize a few of your activities, here are some of the benefits you’ll get with an Odysen solution:

  • Use in your preferred language, this includes Malay, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi and others.
  • Get started for free with the Basic plan, this includes the ability to create as many networks and sub-networks as needed, sharing with others as appropriate, using the applications and having initial storage for your files.
  • Organize and share content with intuitive folders, adding for different projects, topics, subjects, places and other types of content.  Expand with sub-folders and see integrated views in respective parent folders.
  • Add content as appropriate to the applications, this could be actions, notes, events, office files, graphics, videos, websites and news sources in the news reader.   Lots of options to share different types of content relevant for your activities.
  • Let others know of something new with email notifications, stay informed of new content or comments by adding Newsletters to your networks.
  • Access your networks, folders and content from mobile, such as a tablet or phone.

Learn more about having your own networks in Malaysia or Indonesia, including using the applications, languages available, solution examples and other relevant blog articles.

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