When living on an island, have a network for things in common

Whether the island is small enough that you can walk from one side to another in a day or large enough that it would take days or weeks with a motorized vehicle, when living on island one can have quite a few things in common with each other.

Here’s how you could share a few of those with others on your network:

  • Food: Sharing recipes in notes, websites of local markets if available with usually what you could call a heavy emphasis on ingredients from the sea.
  • Hobbies: Have a folder for your favorite hobbies on the island, helpful for others to use when occasionally visiting.  Useful for planning upcoming activities and sharing photos afterwards.
  • Holidays and Festivals: Add a folder for each holiday or festival, include the appropriate dates and see an integrated view of all your events from the All folder.
  • Island Hopping: Add a folder for each island, include different types of content for reference and if available you can store websites of local ferry schedules or places on the island you plan to visit.
  • Tides: Add a PDF or website for a chart of high and low tide schedules.
  • Transportation: Store websites for local airports, car and boat transportation services.
  • Travel: Add a folder for each location, add a note for an itinerary, local blogs to stay informed of current events and store photos or videos from previous trips.
  • Tourism: Add a sub-network for any visitors coming over for a week or two, within that you can include relevant websites, blogs, notes, events and other helpful information.  Others can use to backup and share photos from their trip and go through a collection of photos in a slideshow.
  • Weather: Helpful if the island in the path of regular hurricanes and typhoons, add local websites of satellite or radar information for easy reference when needed.
  • Work/Professional: Have networks with others you work with on the island, use to organize a project with the actions application, including the appropriate priority, owner and due date.   Add complimentary content for the project including photos if from an outdoor project, office files in the Documents application and schedule project reviews with the events application.

For your reference, here are some of the more popular island locations in different regions, sorted by their population.  Click an appropriate link to learn more about having your own network for that island.

Asia and Pacific

  • Indonesia: Population of 238M, 17,508 islands with ~6,000 are inhabited, covering 1,919,440 sq. km or 735,355 sq. miles and more than 150 active volcanoes.
  • Japan: Population of 127M, 6,852 islands covering 377,944 sq km or 145,925 sq. miles and home to Mount Fuji.
  • Philippines: Population of 88M, has 7,107 islands covering 299,764 sq km or 115,831 sq. miles.
  • Malaysia: Population of 28M and covering 329,845 sq km or 127,354 sq. miles.
  • Sri Lanka: Population of 24M, covering 65,610 sq km or 25,332 sq. miles.
  • Papua New Guinea: Population of 7M, covering 462,840 sq km or 178,703 sq. miles and home to over 850 indigenous languages.
  • New Zealand: Population of 4M over two main islands covering 268,021 sq km or 103,483 sq. miles.
  • East Timor: Population of 1M
  • Fiji: Population of 0.9M
  • Macau: Population of 0.6M
  • Solomon Islands: Population of 0.5M
  • Brunei: Population of 0.4M
  • Maldives: Population of 0.3M
  • Vanuatu: Population of 0.2M
  • Samoa: Population of 0.2M

Europe, Middle East and Africa

  • UK: Population of 61M
  • Madagascar: Population of 21M, 587,041 sq km or 226,597 sq. miles, has more than 5% of the world’s plant and animal species.
  • Comoros: Population of 0.8M
  • Malta: Population of 0.4M
  • Iceland: Population of 0.3M and covering 103,001 sq km or 39,770 sq. miles.

North America and the Caribbean

  • Cuba: Population of 11M and covering 110,861 sq km or 42,803 sq. miles.
  • Haiti: Population of 10M
  • Hawaii: Population of 1.4M

With having your own network, you can customize it just for the projects and activities you’re involved with, invite whomever is appropriate and use in your preferred language.  If you need assistance getting started, let us know in Support and we’ll be happy to help.

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