Telecommuting continues to grow, showing little to slow

Here’s a few updates for anyone interested in what’s happening in the world of telecommuting:

Telecommuting Trends

Some overall trends, discussion topics and tips.

  • Telecommuting Boosts Firms’ Revenue Growth, Wall Street Journal: A recent study of 812 small and medium sized businesses found that those with telecommuting in place were more likely to have growth of at least 10% over the last 12 months.  Additionally highlighted that businesses with 10 to 250 people benefit the most, others not having as much of an impact.
  • Marissa Mayer breaks her silence on Yahoo’s telecommuting policy,  Fortune Tech: With a conclusion of every company is different and this happens to be appropriate for Yahoo at the time, critics however continue to highlight that only 200 of Yahoo’s 12,000 employees telecommuting really doesn’t make a huge impact either way, except of course for the ongoing distraction it’s causing for their PR activities.
  • 8 secrets to super-productive telecommuting, PC Advisor: Just like most activities, being good at something isn’t always trivial and usually has a bit of a learning curve.  Here’s 8 ways to get it moving in the right direction.

Environment Impacts

Making less of a carbon footprint from being more conservative with every day energy use (lights, turning off computers, printing, etc) to less emissions from the daily commute.

Telecommuting Globally

How others are telecommuting from a global perspective.

  • Alberta companies most likely to offer telecommuting, Calgary Herald: From a recent poll of Canadian businesses offering telecommuting, Alberta was highest with 34%, versus the national average of 23%.  Top areas for telecommuting in Canada include Business/Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, Services and Agra-Business.
  • 87% of Singapore employers allow their staff to work from home, Yahoo Singapore: For the public sector it’s 91%.  No doubt living in large, congested cities makes telecommuting an attractive option.  With any space being at a premium, why not work in a more comfortable home environment versus a crowded office, especially when the office or other meeting places are usually the same distance way, or that a majority of your work activities are with people in other countries.


  • Middle East and Africa: 49%
  • Latin America: 25%
  • Asia Pacific: 24%
  • North America: 9%
  • Europe: 9%

Middle East and Africa: 49%

  • South Africa, 28%
  • Turkey, 27%

Latin America: 25%

  • Mexico, 30%
  • Argentina, 29%

Asia Pacific: 24%

  • India, 56%
  • Indonesia, 34%

North America: 9%

  • Canada, 8%

Europe: 9%

  • Italy, 7%
  • France, 7%
  • Sweden, 6%
  • Germany, 5%
  • Hungary, 3%

The report also touches on support going forward, benefits for women telecommuting, why others are still hesitating and how productive different countries feel it’s having.

Having your own networks to stay connected

With an Odysen solution, you can have a network dedicated just for you and your immediate colleagues or the team you’re working with.  Some of the highlights include:Have your own network for telecommuting.

  • Organize projects and content with intuitive folders.  This makes it easy to keep things organized, sharing each folder with others as appropriate.  Add sub-folders to expand a project or topic and see integrated views from respective parent folders.
  • Free for Basic users.  This means you can create a network or multiple networks, share with whomever is appropriate and everyone can use for free with the Basic subscription plan.  More active users can individually upgrade to Premium for extra features and storage, helpful to let everyone use at their own level.
  • Share reference content such as useful websites, blogs or office files including spreadsheets, presentations, word documents, PDFs and others.  If you have multiple networks, you can import files from one to another as appropriate.
  • Schedule upcoming conference calls with events, include the day, time and in the description you can include a short agenda or list of topics to discuss.  Add an event alert to get an email reminder in case extra preparation is needed.
  • Use in your preferred language including Bulgarian, Chinese (s), Chinese (t), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

Learn more about having your own network for telecommuting, including using the applications, benefits, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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