Have your own networks for sharing content with others in Southeastern Europe

If looking for a network to collaborate and share content with others in Southeastern Europe, below are a few of the benefits you’ll get from using an Odysen solution.

Separate networks for different groups

Create and share as many networks as appropriate for activities, helping to keep content and projects appropriate for each.


  • Friends and Family: Use to share photos, planning events and other activities, helpful when living in different locations.
  • Groups: Have a network just for an association or organization that you’re a part of, useful for sharing reference content and keeping members informed of changes.


  • Freelancers: Have separate networks for each client, import files and other relevant content from one network to another.
  • Businesses: Have one network for colleagues and add sub-networks for third parties or important customers.

Add intuitive folders to organize content

Making it easy to keep content organized, add a new folder for each topic, expand with sub-folders and see integrated views from respective parent folders.

  • Topics: Add for any general topic or subject that people in your network are interested in.
  • Events: Add a folder for larger events being planned, such as for a holiday or celebration.
  • Projects: Add a folder for each project and actions with their priority, owner and due date.
  • Research: Use to help organize a variety of content in a single place.
  • Travel: Add folders for different locations, useful for storing websites, local blogs and store photos or videos from previous trips.

Sharing content with the applications

Within each folder you can add content to the applications, helpful to have a range of content in a centralized location.  The applications include:

  • Essentials: Use Actions for projects, share additional contact information in Contacts, schedule events and share notes for reference.
  • Storage: Use Documents for office files, Images for photos and graphics, share Audio and Video files.
  • Internet: Store useful websites and add blogs or news sources to the news reader.
  • Sharing: Let others know of something new with an email notification, others can add comments for feedback.
  • Stay Informed: View the Updates stream to see content across your networks, add a Newsletter to automatically get an email summary of new content or comments.

Use in your preferred language

While not every language is currently available, there are enough to use as a common or secondary language.  Here’s an overview of what’s available for each:

  • Albania: No Albanian but can use in Greek or Italian.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Use in Italian or English for secondary languages.
  • Bulgaria: Share in Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish or Romanian.
  • Croatia: Use in Hungarian, Slovenian and Italian.
  • Cyprus: Have networks in Greek or Turkish.
  • Greece: Share content in Greek, Turkish and Italian.
  • Macedonia: Use in Greek or Bulgarian.
  • Montenegro: Use in Italian or Greek.
  • Romania: Share network in Romanian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Turkish or Russian.
  • Serbia: Use in Hungarian, Romanian or Bulgarian.
  • Turkey: Share content in Turkish, Greek, Ukrainian and Russian.

Economical Plans

Have your own networks with pricing of free to very little.

  • Basic: The free plan, useful for getting started and occasional usage.  Create as many networks as you need, use any of the applications and have initial storage for your different files, photos, audio and video.
  • Upgrade Options: More active users can upgrade to different plans as appropriate.

Support Available

If you need help getting started, have a translation suggestion, would like to suggest a new language to be available or suggesting a new feature, you can let us know in Support.  Just drop us a note and we’ll be happy to help.

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