Connecting with others across Southeast Asia

Using the different languages available, you can have networks and stay connected with others throughout Southeast Asia, here’s an overview of each.


While Khmer isn’t available, you can use in the most popular secondary languages, including Vietnamese, Chinese, French and English.


Use in Indonesian and others as needed.


No Lao or Khmer, but can use in French and English.


Use in Malay, Thai and Indonesian.


No Filipino but can use in English, still one of the two official languages in the Philippines.  Can also use in Spanish with different networks as appropriate.


Use in English, Malay, Chinese Simplified or Mandarin and Indonesian.


Use in Thai and others as preferred.


Have networks in Vietnamese, English, Thai and others.

Options for Languages

Some different ways you can apply your language preferences:

  • For your account: This is only used by yourself and for any Odysen support communications.  Set this from the profile of your account.
  • For your networks: Have all your networks in the same language or different as appropriate for the group you’re working with.  This allows you to have a network in Malay, another in Indonesian, others in Thai or Vietnamese with more options for networks outside of Southeast Asia.

Learn more about having your own networks with others in Southeast Asia or get started with the free Basic plan.

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