A gift idea for Mother’s Day, give a network for photos and holidays

Staying connected with family members sometimes can be a bit of a challenge.  Doing so on a regular social network is loaded with problems, some of which include:

  • Not knowing who you’re sharing content with.  While you can create some permissions, too often changes happen, requiring to give constant maintenance to maintain those permissions.
  • Inappropriate ads.  No need to share content with your mom and other family members and have some inappropriate ad distraction in the same space.
  • Too much spam.  For one reason or another, getting family members set up on a regular social network tends to open the door for loads of spam and other hassles.
  • You’re not the customer, the advertisers are.  This matters for all sorts of things such as the layout, new features and support available.  When you’re the customer, all of this is catered for you, when you’re not, it’s not other than what you could call a surface level experience.

A better way to share content can be with your own private network.  Some of the benefits you’ll get using an Odysen solution:

  • Sharing photos from family events, such as from a birthday, holiday or vacation.  Keep on your own network for privacy, others can view a collection in a slideshow and add comments for feedback.
  • Use to schedule birthdays, anniversaries and other events.  Schedule the event on a repeating basis, such as every year and you can include an alert to get an email reminder before the event.
  • Centralize content for different activities or hobbies that you, your mom and other family members are involved with.   Add a new folder for the topic, include relevant websites, blogs, photos, notes and other content.
  • Use to share family recipes.  Add to a note and include a bullet list of the ingredients, a numbered list for directions.
  • Use for free with the Basic plan.  Have the ability to create new networks, using the applications, have initial storage for photos, videos or other files and no advertising.

While we believe the solution is easy enough for usage at any level, you can go the extra step by getting it started.   Here’s how you can do so in a few simple steps:

  • Step 1: Signup for an account, from which you can create a network or multiple networks.
  • Step 2: Create a network for your family and add others to it with their email address.
  • Step 3: Add folders for different topics, share them with others and include content in the application tabs.

After others or your mom has logged in, you can additionally change her to be the network admin, giving her full control of her own online network.

Learn more about having a network with family members or get started today with the free Basic plan.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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