Countries with more tourists than the population

Here’s some interesting trivia for travelers, the different places in the world that receive more visitors or tourists in a year than the actual population.  These are the sorts of places were sometimes it feels like 90% of the people you meet are not from the area.  After all, even though it might be only 50/50 in some places, the visitors are usually the ones out and about and likewise making it feel like a bit of different place.

In general you’ll see a couple trends that may seem obvious, but worth pointing out nonetheless.

  • Relatively smaller populations: Obviously it’s easier with lower populations, such as island with 10,000 people versus China with 1.3 Billion.  A majority of the list is under 10 Million with the exceptions of France and Spain.
  • Islands: Most of them are Islands.  Perhaps combined with the smaller populations along with a usual mix of warm weather, beaches and no shortage of recreational activities.

Here’s the list, organized in their respective areas:


  • Iceland: Population 0.3M, Tourists 7.0M.  This is a whopping 23 tourists for every person in Iceland, the highest difference of any country worldwide.
  • Andorra: Population 0.1M, Tourists, 1.9M, Tourists per Person 22.
  • Monaco: Population 0.03M, Tourists, 0.3M, Tourists per Person 10.
  • San Marino: Population 0.03M, Tourists, 0.16M, Tourists per Person 5.3.
  • Malta: Population 0.4M, Tourists, 1.4M, Tourists per Person 3.5.
  • Austria: Population 8M, Tourists, 23M, Tourists per Person 2.9.
  • Croatia: Population 5M, Tourists, 9.9M, Tourists per Person 2.
  • Estonia: Population 1.3M, Tourists, 2.5M, Tourists per Person 1.9.
  • Montenegro: Population 0.7M, Tourists, 1.2M, Tourists per Person 1.7.
  • Denmark: Population 5.5M, Tourists, 8.7M, Tourists per Person 1.6.
  • Greece: Population 11M, Tourists, 16.4M, Tourists per Person 1.5.
  • Liechtenstein: Population 0.04M, Tourists, 0.05M, Tourists per Person 1.3.
  • Spain: Population 47M, Tourists, 57M, Tourists per Person 1.2.
  • France: Population 66M, Tourists, 80M, Tourists per Person 1.2.

North America and the Caribbean

  • British Virgin Islands: Population 0.03M, Tourists, 0.34M, Tourists per Person 11.3.
  • Sint Maarten: Population 0.04M, Tourists, 0.42M, Tourists per Person 10.5.
  • Aruba: Population 0.1M, Tourists, 0.87M, Tourists per Person 8.7.
  • Turks and Caicos Islands: Population 0.5M, Tourists, 0.35M, Tourists per Person 7.
  • Cayman Islands: Population 0.05M, Tourists, 0.31M, Tourists per Person 6.2.
  • US Virgin Islands: Population 0.1M, Tourists, 0.54M, Tourists per Person 5.4.
  • Anguilla: Population 0.015M, Tourists, 0.07M, Tourists per Person 4.7.
  • Bonaire: Population 0.02M, Tourists, 0.07M, Tourists per Person 3.5.
  • Bermuda: Population 0.07M, Tourists, 0.24M, Tourists per Person 3.4.
  • Bahamas: Population 0.4M, Tourists, 1.3M, Tourists per Person 3.3.
  • Antigua and Barbuda: Population 0.09M, Tourists, 0.24M, Tourists per Person 2.7.
  • Curacao: Population 0.15M, Tourists, 0.39M, Tourists per Person 2.6.
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis: Population 0.05M, Tourists, 0.1M, Tourists per Person 2.
  • Barbados: Population 0.3M, Tourists, 0.57M, Tourists per Person 1.9.
  • Saint Lucia: Population 0.16M, Tourists, 0.3M, Tourists per Person 1.9.
  • Martinique: Population 0.4M, Tourists, 0.5M, Tourists per Person 1.3.


  • Macau: Population 0.6M, Tourists, 12.9M, Tourists per Person 21.5.
  • Hong Kong: Population 7.2M, Tourists, 22.3M, Tourists per Person 3.1.
  • Maldives: Population 0.4M, Tourists, 0.9M, Tourists per Person 2.3.
  • Cyprus: Population 1.1M, Tourists, 2.4M, Tourists per Person 2.2.
  • Singapore: Population 5.3M, Tourists, 10.4M, Tourists per Person 2.
  • Seychelles: Population 0.1M, Tourists, 0.19M, Tourists per Person 1.9.


  • Guam: Population 0.2M, Tourists, 1.2M, Tourists per Person 6.
  • Palau: Population 0.02M, Tourists, 0.11M, Tourists per Person 5.5.
  • Cook Islands: Population 0.02M, Tourists, 0.1M, Tourists per Person 5.
  • Northern Marianas: Population 0.1M, Tourists, 0.4M, Tourists per Person 4.

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