Have your own networks with others around Italy

For people living in Italy and sharing content with others in their neighboring countries, here’s how you can do so using an Odysen solution.

Overall Benefits

Some of the highlights when having networks with others regardless of their location:

  • Have separate networks for different groups, helping to keep content focused for each.
  • Organize content with intuitive folders, expand with sub-folders and see integrated views in respective parent folders.
  • Share content with the different applications available, including actions, notes, events, file sharing, photos, graphics, videos, websites, blogs and more.
  • Besides Italian, use in the preferred language of the group you’re with, helpful to more comfortably share different types of content.

In the West

  • France: Share content with others in French.
  • Spain: Have networks in Spanish.

In the North

  • Switzerland: Use in German, French or Italian.
  • Austria: Share networks in German or Hungarian.
  • Slovenia: Share content with people in Slovenian.

In the East

  • Croatia: Use in Italian, Slovenian and Hungarian.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Use in Italian or Romanian.
  • Montenegro: Share content in with others in Italian, Romanian or Bulgarian.
  • Albania: Use in Italian, Greek or Bulgarian.
  • Greece: Share networks with others in Greek.

In the South

  • Tunisia: Share content in French, Italian and English.
  • Algeria: Use in French and English.
  • Libya: Share networks in English, French and Italian.

Learn more about having your own networks in Italy, including using the applications, solution examples and other relevant blog articles.

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