Organize different types of writing projects with your own networks

For writers working on a larger project, you can use your own networks to help organize and share your latest work.

Different types of projects

Here are a few examples and the applications appropriate for each:

  • Fiction: Store drafts for backup in the Documents application, share with others and get comments for feedback.
  • Non-Fiction: Include websites, PDFs and other content for research with your non-fiction writing project.
  • eBooks: Organize content for an ebook, including the writing in Documents, websites for publishing and actions for different tasks needed to be done.
  • Ghostwriting: Share a network with whom you’re writing for, share drafts of different chapters as they’re completed.
  • Travel: Add separate folders for different locations, include appropriate writings, photos and reference websites in each.
  • Children’s Books: Store graphics being used in the images application, include a short text in the description and review a collection in a slideshow.
  • Poetry: Add single poems to a note, upload a larger collection for backup or review in the Documents application.
  • Lyrics: Store new lyrics written in a note, upload and share music recordings in the Audio application.
  • Letter: Upload word documents of letters to the Documents application, others can review and add comments for feedback.
  • Script Writing: Add an outline to a note, upload a draft for backup or review into Documents and share with others involved with the script.
  • Screenwriting: Store drafts in Documents, upload graphics of storyboard ideas into the Images applications.

Learn more about having your own network for writing projects, including application examples, benefits, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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