10 Reasons why Odysen is better than Facebook for friends and family

Getting tired of the hassles with Facebook and looking for an alternative network to share content with friends and family?  If so, you’re not alone.  Here are a few articles of others making the exit and 10 advantages you get from using an Odysen solution.

  • Workers Quit Facebook Study Finds, eCanadaNow: To avoid being friended by bosses and other colleagues they’d rather not share their personal life, more and more workers are going the route of cutting the baggage and bailing on the site altogether.

Use an Odysen solution instead

Here are 10 ways that using a solution from Odysen can be a better place for sharing content with friends and family.

  • 1. No advertising: With Odysen, the networks are created for you, not the advertisers.  This means no spam mail, no ad distractions and more space or layout for what really matters, your content.
  • 2. Have multiple networks for different groups: No need to combine all your relationships, personal and professional, in the same place.  Instead, have a separate network for each, such as one for your family, others for different groups of friends or hobbies you’re involved with.
  • 3. No stalkers: Invite only whom you feel is appropriate for the network and leave it at that.  No worries of random people viewing your content, taking it out context or causing other problems.
  • 4. Own your content: For photos and other similar content you’d like to share, when doing so with Odysen you have complete control with the content, as you’re the customer.  Share with others as appropriate, delete if no longer used or needed and once deleted it’s gone, no worries of anybody else controlling your content.
  • 5. You’re the customer: Get started for free with the Basic plan, able to create networks, use the applications and have initial storage for photos, videos, office or audio files.
  • 6. No bosses or colleagues: With your own networks you control whom you’re sharing content with and even if they did want to connect with you, no problem, you can have a separate network just for them.  This way, you can satisfy their need to be connected but still keep your personal activities and networks just for your friends and family.
  • 7. Useful applications: From the different applications available, you can share photos and videos from trips or events, use notes for instructions, directions or recipes, schedule events, store useful websites and blogs in a centralized place, add actions for a project or event planning and more.  Options for sharing meaningful content, no games or other flashy, shiny objects.
  • 8. No spam email: The only emails you’ll receive from having an Odysen networks are email notifications from others about new content, newsletters you’ve added or responses to support you’ve requested.
  • 9. Adding themes: Personalize your network with others by adding a theme to the network, such as a background photo used with different types content.  For travel this could be a photo of trip, giving a more personalized look and feel depending on the type of content you’re viewing.
  • 10. Quality support: Whether for help getting started, reporting a problem or even suggesting a new feature, we look forward to your feedback and you can expect a prompt and courteous response.

Learn more about having your own network with friends and family, including using the applications, benefits, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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