10 Interesting facts about the Indonesia and the Indonesian language

For people interested in visiting or curious to learn more about Indonesia and the Indonesian language, here’s a brief overview for help getting started.

  • 1. There are 238 million people in Indonesia (4th most populous worldwide), consisting of 17,508 islands, 6,000 of which are inhabited.  The main islands are Sumatera, Sulawesi, Papua, Kalimantan, Java and Bali.
  • 2. There are about 300 distinct native ethnic groups with 742 different languages and dialects.
  • 3. Sitting on the edges of the Pacific, Eurasian and Australian tectonic plates, there are over 150 active volcanoes.  Being on the equator, Indonesia has a tropical climate, with a heavy wet and dry season.   Temperatures vary little, has high humidity (80%) and the average temperature range is 26 to 30 C (79 to 86 F).
  • 4. The highest peak is Puncak Jaya at 4,884 meters in the Sudirman Moutains, the largest lake is Lake Toba in Sumatra and the largest river is the Kapuas, the longest inland river globally.
  • 5. Indonesian has 23 million native speakers and 140 million speak it as a second language.  Australia is increasingly using the language and is one of three Asian languages being focused on, the other two being Japanese and Mandarin.
  • 6. Indonesia supports the world’s second highest level of biodiversity after Brazil.  Animals include the tiger, rhinoceros, orangutan, elephant and leopard.  Forests make up 60% of the country and includes over 600 bird species.  It’s part of the Coral Triangle countries which contain the world’s greatest diversity of coral reef fish with more than 1,650 species in eastern Indonesia alone.
  • 7. Cuisine in Indonesia is based on a mixture of Chinese, European, Middle Eastern and Indian influences.  Rice is usually served with meals of meat or vegetables.  Spices, coconut milk, fish and chicken are common ingredients.  Popular dishes include grilled or roasted fish, sate, fried tempeh and tofu, Papeda, Sayur oyong, Rendang daging and others.  Get regional variations such as Sundanese, Javanese, Minangkabau, Balinese and many more depending on the specific place you’re visiting.
  • 8. Fruits are plentiful around Indonesia, eaten freshly, made into juices, desserts, mixed with dishes, fried, cooked in cakes, sweetened and preserved or processed into chips for snacks.  Different types of fruits available include mangosteen, rambutan, jackfruit, durian, bananas, strawberries, melon, apple and dragonfruit.
  • 9. Alcoholic beverages include Tuak, a wine made from palm sap along with local beers including Bintang and Anker beer.
  • 10. Indonesia exports 3,000 tones of frogs’ legs to France each year and are producers of the world’s most expensive beverage, a coffee made from having a small cat-sized mammal called the Asian palm civet.  They are fed coffee berries and their faeces are collected and washed to make Civet Coffee.  The animals stomach enzymes gives the coffee an extra richness in flavor with none of the usual bitterness.  Prices range from $500 to $1,000 per pound.

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