Where people are traveling in 2013, top 20 cities worldwide

For anyone curious about where people are traveling this year, here’s a summary from a recently released research report, the top cities for people visiting in 2013.  Below are the top 20 worldwide, organize in their respective region and the total number of visitors expected.


The first time Bangkok has been at the top.

  • 1. Bangkok, 15.98 million
  • 4. Singapore, 11.75 million
  • 8. Kuala Lumpur, 9.90 million
  • 9. Hong Kong, 8.72 million
  • 10. Seoul, 8.19 million
  • 14. Shanghai, 6.50 million
  • 16. Tokyo, 5.80 million
  • 18. Taipei, 5.19 million

Europe and Middle East

  • 2. London, 15.96 million
  • 3. Paris, 13.92 million
  • 6. Istanbul, 10.37 million
  • 7. Dubai, 9.89 million
  • 10. Barcelona, 8.41 million
  • 12. Milan, 6.83 million
  • 13. Rome, 6.71 million
  • 15. Amsterdam, 6.35 million
  • 17. Vienna, 5.37 million
  • 19. Riyadh, 5.05 million


Hitting the major transportation hubs for Europe or Asia.

  • 5. New York, 11.52 million
  • 20. Los Angeles, 4.84 million

Take a look at the full PDF for more information about the top cities for specific regions, such as South America, Africa and others.

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