Sharing networks and content with others in Oceania

Live or work with others in Oceania?  If so and looking for an online solution to help stay connected with others, below is a brief overview for using with an Odysen solution.  Click any of the respective country links for more information, including using the applications, appropriate languages, solution examples and other relevant blog articles.


Whether for frequent trips or occasional visits, have your own networks to organize your content and activities.

  • Australia: Besides English, use in Indonesian, French, Greek, Chinese and others as preferred.
  • New Zealand: Use to help organize events or hobbies and share photos from past activities.


Share content with others in English, Indonesian and French.

  • Fiji: Use in English and others as preferred.
  • New Caledonia: Share networks in French, English or Indonesian.
  • Solomon Islands: Have your own network to share content with others in different locations.
  • Vanuatu: Have networks in French or English.


Share networks and content with others in English or Japanese.

  • Guam: Share content from people in Guam and other locations on your own networks.
  • Kiribati: Use in English and others as preferred.
  • Palau: Use in English, Japanese and others if needed.


Organize and share content in French or English.

  • Cook Islands: Store and share photos and videos you’ve taken from outdoor activities.
  • Samoa: Have a network with colleagues, whether on Samoa or other islands.
  • Tonga: Share networks in English and others as preferred.
  • Tuvalu: Organize a network to share with new visitors.

Learn more about having your own networks in Oceania, including in Australasia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia.

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