10 Interesting facts about Bulgaria and the Bulgarian language

For people interested in visiting or curious to learn more about Bulgaria and the Bulgarian language, here’s a brief overview for help getting started.

  • 1. The name Bulgaria has origins from the Bulgar tribes in 670 AD.
  • 2. The Bulgarian language goes back to ~800 AD, the current number of people speaking Bulgarian ranges from 7 to 12 million and are from locations including Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, Greece, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.
  • 3. Be careful with non-verbal communications, shaking your head up and down means “No” while moving your head from side to side means “Yes”.
  • 4. Is home to the Kozarnika cave in northwestern Bulgaria, with examples of symbolic human behavior going back to 1,400,000 BC.  Besides Kozarnika, there are over 4,000 other mapped caves in Bulgaria.
  • 5. Has one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Plovdiv as well as home to the oldest golden treasured discovered worldwide, with coins, weapons and jewelry going back to 4,600 BC.
  • 6. The highest point is Musala at 2,925 metres (9,600 feet) with ~540 rivers scattered throughout the country.  Lots of diverse land highlights, including the Danubian Plain, the Balkan Mountains, the Thracian Plain and the Rhodope Mountains.
  • 7. Average broadband speed is the second highest worldwide. only after South Korea.
  • 8. Bulgaria is the largest producer of rose and lavender oil worldwide, coming from its unique Bulgarian Kazanluk rose.  The rose oil is called liquid gold, as it’s 3 times more expensive than real gold.  1,300 rose blossoms are needed for one gram of rose oil.
  • 9. Bulgarian popular cuisine includes lukanka, yogurt, banitsa, shopska salad, lyutenitsa, kozunak, moussaka, gyuvech and baklava.
  • 10. Bulgarian beverages include Rakia brandy and wines such as Traminer, Muskat and Mavrud varieties.  Bulgarians have been making wine for 1,200 years and are one of the highest wine producers and exporters worldwide.  When raising a glass for a toast, the common cheer is “Nazdrave” or “good health to you”.

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