Freelancing tips for getting started and keeping balance

Here’s a few recent blogs and news articles for different aspects of freelancing, including for writers, musicians, building a brand, getting away from a troublesome client and tips for maintaining a healthy work/personal balance.

Getting Started and Tips

Helpful suggestions for getting things going and off the ground.

Getting Balance and Staying Healthy

With the constant juggling of hats and balls, staying clear of too many falls.

  • Get Yourself Kicked Out of the Project in 5 Easy Steps, The Freelance Pinoy: A humorous take on what not to do for maintaining good relationships with clients.  One small warning, you may enjoy the article too much and be tempted to try out a few with some clients that you’re struggling with, probably not a good idea, :).

See other articles about freelancing, including those for multimedia and writing.

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Founder and CEO of Odysen, involved with different writing and music freelancing activities, and have previously worked for larger technology businesses in the US, Europe and Asia.

3 thoughts on “Freelancing tips for getting started and keeping balance”

  1. Thanks for including a link to my latest post from The Freelance Pinoy.

    I’d just like to clarify though that “Get Yourself Kicked Out of the Project in 5 Easy Steps” isn’t meant to teach freelancers how to get out of a project in this manner. Not at all. It’s actually a satire piece that pokes fun yet tells the reader that they should do the opposite if they want clients to keep and continue hiring them.

  2. Thanks for the clarification and have made the correction. I enjoyed your article too much, think I lost myself a bit with it…

  3. No problem, Matt, and thank you very much! I thought it would be fun to tackle the topic in the other direction. Glad you liked it. ;)

    Thanks again for the mention!

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