10 Interesting facts about Norway and the Norwegian language

For people interested in visiting or curious to learn more about Norway and the Norwegian language, here’s a brief overview for help getting started.

  • 1. The name Norway is believe to have come from the Old Norse translation for the words the “north way”, which in Old Norse were “nor veg”. The earliest traces of humans in Norway were found from around 9,000 BC.  The well-known Viking age lasted from around 600 to 1300 AD.
  • 2. Norway is the second least populated country in Europe, has borders with Sweden, Finland, Russia, Denmark and additional maritime borders with Greenland, Iceland and the UK.
  • 3. Norway has over 25,000 kilometers of coastline, this is over half the circumference of the earth.
  • 4. The Norwegian language is spoken by about 5 million people with pretty much all speakers in Norway, exceptions being different locations that Norwegians have migrated or moved to, such as around northern Europe and in the US, parts of North Dakota and Minnesota.  That said, there are over 5 million Americans and Canadians claiming Norwegian ancestry.
  • 5. Fjords and glaciers dominate the much of the landscape of Norway, the longest of the fjords being Sognefjorden going for 204 kilometers or 127 miles.
  • 6. Because of its northern latitude, summers can have days with the sun never sinking below the horizon, the “Land of the Midnight Sun”.
  • 7. With large areas of land and few people, Norway has a rich environment of biodiversity, including thousands of species of insects, algae, lichen, mosses, vascular plants, fungi as well as 450 species of birds, 90 species of mammals, 45 fresh water fish species, 150 salt water fish species and thousands of fresh and salt water invertebrates.  The largest mammals on land include the polar bear, brown bear and moose, in the sea is the sperm whale and the basking shark.
  • 8. The currency in Norway is the Norwegian Krone, it’s economy is considered amongst the highest in Europe per capita and has the largest capital reserve per capita worldwide.  Besides exports of oil and gas, Norway is the world’s second highest exporter of fish and is able to get almost all (~99%) of the electric needs from hydro power.
  • 9. Well known cuisine from Norway includes smoked salmon, salted or buried salmon and fermented trout or Rakfisk.  Other seafood includes cod, shellfish, crabs, herring, sardines and mackerel.  Less popular on a daily basis but still prepared for the holidays is Lutefisk, a traditional way to make stockfish for extra preservation (dried and salted cod steeped in lye).
  • 10. Locally made alcoholic beverages include pilsners and red beers, vodkas as well as many home brews, such as Juleol, a Christmas beer, mead from honey and even moonshine in more rural locations.

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