10 Interesting facts about Spain and the Spanish language

For people interested in visiting or curious to learn more about Spain and the Spanish language, here’s a brief overview for help getting started.

  • 1. The Spanish language is spoken by over 500 million speakers, over 400 native and 100 as a secondary or foreign language used.  Spanish is the second most spoken language by the number of native speakers, behind only Mandarin.
  • 2. Besides Spain, Spanish is the official or a main language used in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela.  Others areas in usage include Andorra, Belize, Brazil, Gibraltar, Portugal, the Philippines and the US.  Within the US, Spanish is most used in Texas, New Mexico, California, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Florida and New York.
  • 3. Spanish is sometimes called La Lengua de Cervantes or the language of Cervantes after Miguel de Cervantes wrote the well-known story of Don Quixote.
  • 4. Mexico has the highest number of Spanish speakers with almost 120 million, following the US, Colombia, Spain, Argentina and others.
  • 5. Spain has the second highest number of tourists or visitors at over 57 million per year, 10 million more than the Spain population.
  • 6. Spain is a worldwide renewable energy leader, having the most solar power worldwide from 2010 and having enough wind power to generate 16% of the consumption needed and over 50% at peak wind energy times.
  • 7. The Spanish guitarist Antonio Torres Jurado is credited with laying the foundation or standardizing the most popular traditional musical instrument, the classic acoustic guitar.
  • 8. Spanish cuisine is heavily influenced by the sources of seafood from the Mediterranean and Atlantic waters.  This includes different types of hot and cold seafood soups, seafood with rice as well as cod, albacore, anchovy and shellfish dishes.
  • 9. Lunches are usually served in the afternoon, versus at noon, dinners are in the later evenings going from 9 to 11pm.
  • 10. Typical beverages you’ll find in Spain include Sangria, Sherry, Brandy, Cava, Moscatel and others.  Spain has over 2.9 million acres for wines, the highest amount of any country worldwide, yet is third for quantity production with many of the wineries being older and using more traditional spacing or growing methods.

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